'Supernatural' Recap: Doing Very Bad Things for Very Good Reasons
'Supernatural' Recap: Doing Very Bad Things for Very Good Reasons
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week's episode of Supernatural had everything you could possibly want. There was a returning villain (Meg), huge emotional family drama, hilarity (Cas watching porn) and a major character died.

But the overall theme of this episode was about doing bad things. There was a lot of torture, a lot of death threats and plenty of carnage, but it was all for a good cause.

Here are the 10 very bad things that happened this week and the 10 very good reasons for those actions.

Very Bad Thing: Working with Meg

Very Good Reason: After getting kidnapped by the infamous demon who killed Ellen and Jo, Sam convinces Dean to work with her because she hates Crowley and will help them torture him to get Sam's soul back.

Very Bad Thing: Threatening to Kill Cas

Very Good Reason: To get Cas to show up, Sam lies about finding the Ark of the Covenant and when Cas refuses, Sam promises that he will hunt and kill the angel if he doesn't help out. This is probably the first negative thing about Sam not having a soul, because murdering Cas is the worst idea ever.

Very Bad Thing: Watching Porn with Other Guys in the Room

Very Good Reason: Cas decided to watch some porn because it was on while Sam and Dean were researching. Also, the angel was curious why the pizza delivery boy was repeatedly slapping the babysitter's rear. I will argue that this scene was funnier than Cas in the brothel.

Very Bad Thing: Making Out with Meg

Very Good Reason: Once the brothers, Cas and Meg made it into Crowley's prison, they needed to fend off some Hell Hounds, so Meg planted a big wet one on Cas to steal his angel-killing knife. In a shocking twist, Cas returned the favor with a smooch of his own that he learned from the pizza man in the porn. Get some, Cas!

Very Bad Thing: Betraying Your Grandchildren

Very Good Reason: Samuel turned on his grandkids because Crowley promised to bring Mary (aka Mama Winchester) back, proving that making deals with demons to bring the people you love back to life is definitely a genetic trait.

Very Bad Thing: Threatening to Kill Your Grandpa

Very Good Reason: Just as Samuel chose his daughter over his own grandchildren, Dean chose Sam over Samuel, promising to kill his own grandpa the next time they meet. I wouldn't want to be in Samuel's shoes.

Very Bad Thing: Biting Your Own Arm

Very Good Reason: While locked up, Sam did the most disgusting thing possible by taking a big bite out of his own arm, but he did it to use his own blood to make a Devil's Trap for the demons. That's bad-ass, and pretty smart.

Very Bad Thing: Torture

Very Good Reason: First Christian tortured Meg for information, only to get killed by Dean. Then Meg tortured Crowley, successfully, for information on Sam's soul.

Very Bad Thing: Killing Crowley

Very Good Reason: The most shocking moment of the episode came when Cas killed Crowley once it became clear he couldn't help with Sam's soul. I suppose killing the King of Hell is good, but Mark Sheppard was so extraordinary in this role that I hope it's not the last time we see him. My initial theory is that he purposefully hid his bones poorly so Cas could find them because he found out that, when he dies, Crowley will also go to Purgatory. At least I hope that's what happened.

Very Bad Thing: Walking Away from Your Brother and Your Soul

Very Good Reason: In the end, Sam decided that he doesn't want his soul back because he found out that Lucifer and Michael are doing serious damage to it in the cage and, if he does get it back, Sam would almost certainly become a catatonic, emotionally paralyzed shell of a human being. As wrong as it is to turn your back on your brother, I'm not sure I'd want my soul back either if that was the cost.

Next week on Supernatural: It's the mid-season finale with the return of Death, the arrival of Robert Englund, and Sam threatening to kill Bobby.

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