'Supernatural' Recap: Does Castiel Kill Dean?
'Supernatural' Recap: Does Castiel Kill Dean?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural came back this week with a very, very big episode for season 8. It begins with Castiel killing Dean and ends with Cas beating the crap out of Dean. Don't worry, Dean is fine.

The episode starts with Castiel breaking Dean's arm then stabbing and killing him. Well, that's one way to get our attention. Naomi walks out to reveal this was all part of a test to make sure she can fully control Cas. We then see an entire warehouse full of dead Deans. Just in case you weren't sure Naomi was bad news, this pretty much seals the deal.

Discarded Tissues

Sam and Dean continue to sort through everything at the Men of Letters HQ and Dean stumbles onto a vintage copy of Asian Lovelies. Don't worry, the discarded tissues have nothing to do with Dean needing 10 minutes alone with the magazine. Instead, after Sam leaves the room, Dean notices a trash can filled with bloody tissues.

Hunting Demons

Sam and Dean get a case where the "victims" turn out to be demons who are digging for something. They get attacked, but Cas finally returns to save them and tell them the truth. Well, he tells them the "truth" that Naomi wants them to know, which is that the demons are digging to find Lucifer's crypts, one of which contains a parchment to help translate the Demon Tablet.

The boys are wary of Castiel, especially after he kills a demon right before it was about to tell them the real truth about what's in the crypts. None of that matters because the trail leads them to a demon safe house where they're keeping the one prisoner who knows where the crypts are located: Meg.


Meg knows everything, which worries Castiel and Noami. However, Cas is able to convince Naomi that working with Meg will be to their benefit, so he has no choice but to let her reveal the real truth: the demons are looking for the Angel Tablet.

Sam and Dean do the research to track down the Angel Tablet's location while Meg and Castiel bond. The two pick up right where they left off with their "Pizza Man" porno kiss. If you're a Megstiel shipper, it's hard not to love how great these two are together. She's aggressively forthright with her desire to sex up the hot angel and Cas is clearly considering it.

Cas vs. Dean

The foursome goes to a warehouse to get the Angel Tablet. Dean and Cas go inside while Sam waits outside with Meg. Dean reveals he knows Sam is having physical issues from the trials and Cas chimes in that Sam has changed on a sub-atomic level and is emitting a different kind of electromagnetic field, whatever the hell that means (I'm sticking with my "Sam is turning into God's vessel" theory). Also, Sam and Dean repeatedly quote Family Guy by simultaneously saying "Shut up, Meg!" It's amazing.

Inside Dean and Cas find the crypt and the Angel Tablet. Naomi urges Cas to let Dean get it out, then kill him and take it back to her. Dean grows suspicious of Cas and asks how he got out of Purgatory. Cas is very conflicted, but he is being controlled by Naomi to kill Dean and bring her the Tablet, so he starts beating the crap out of Dean. Dean's face gets bloodier than anything I've seen on this show, like the make-up team just poured a bucket of red paint on his face.

Dean begs Cas to stop, saying that they're family. It's a sweet, tender moment, and it hits Cas right in his heart, because the power of Dean and Castiel's bromance is undeniable. The Angel Tablet is freed and Cas touches it, which sends a power through him that seems to break the spell Naomi has over him. Cas, now free from Naomi's influence, apologizes to Dean and heals his face. He then reveals his new mission is to keep the Angel Tablet safe. Safe from Naomi. And safe from Dean. Then he vanishes onto a bus.

The Crowley Factor

Crowley shows up to try and get in on the Angel Tablet action, but Meg holds him off. Unfortunately for her, that ends when Crowley stabs her, presumably killing her and any chance she had at making sweet, sweet love with Cas.

RIP Meg. You deserved a better, more spectacular ending, and part of me hopes Castiel's love can find a way to bring you back.

But that's not all for Crowley. He meets up with Naomi and we learn they go way, way back (like, they went to Mesopotamia Junior High together). Crowley suggests an alliance (because his entire existence is one long game of Survivor), but Naomi disappears before he can finish his thought. Aww, poor Crowley, he finally met someone who ISN'T willing to play his little games.

So now Cas is off on his own with the Angel Tablet, keeping it safe from everyone. Naomi is after him. Crowley is after him. And Dean is trying to be the Samwise Gamgee to Sam's Frodo.

Next week on Supernatural: The brothers check out a school for Hunters. Because what could possibly go wrong with arming a bunch of teenagers.

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