'Supernatural' Recap: Dean's Date with Death (Page 1/3)
'Supernatural' Recap: Dean's Date with Death (Page 1/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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We're two rings down with two to go on Supernatural as Sam and Dean are two Horsemen away from collecting the set.  The only problem is that finding them and getting their magic rings is the easy part.  The hard part is getting Lucifer back in his cage.  But let's take one step at a time.

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"Two Minutes to Midnight" begins with Pestilence in a nursing home killing a poor old lady with diseases and making her vomit up some disgusting green gunk.

Over at Bobby's, Dean is upset after learning all about Sam's plan to say "Yes" to Lucifer and jump into the cage.  The tension is cut by a phone call from Castiel, who's alive in a hospital.  After transporting out of the warehouse in Van Nuys, he landed on a shrimping boat, and now he hurts all over.  Cas isn't himself because he no longer has any of his angel powers.  But he's still Cas, just a human version of him.

Sam and Dean run off to find Pestilence at the nursing home.  The use video surveillance to find him, but the Horseman has a demon aide who spots them and warns him.  He doesn't care that Lucifer wants them alive, so he turns his ring and causes everyone to start coughing and becoming incredibly sick.

Pestilence then acts exactly like every Bond villain ever and starts talking about how germs are great and humans are lame, wasting plenty of time for the cavalry to arrive.  In this case, the cavalry is Cas, who took a bus, though he's immediately infected by diseases.  Pestilence is amused to see that there's an angel in a vessel but without any power.  Cas responds by saying that he still has a speck of angel inside of him, so he leaps up, cuts off Pestilence's ring and kills the demon assistant.

That's three rings down, but Pestilence doesn't care, because it's already too late.  Too late for what?  How about the fact that Niveus Pharmaceuticals is distributing its swine flu vaccine, which is actually the Croatoan virus?

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