Supernatural: Preview of Episode 5.2 "Good God, Y'all"
Supernatural: Preview of Episode 5.2 "Good God, Y'all"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
I never thought that it's possible for me to enjoy a show even after reading every bit of spoiler, watching every trailer and browsing through all its promotional photos. But Supernatural proved me wrong with last week's explosive premiere, which left me satisfied and wanting more. I shouldn't even ask if you saw the fifth season opener but if you didn't, you can read John Kubicek's recap here.

With Dean still unable to trust and forgive Sam, it's going to be tougher than ever for the Winchester brothers to battle demons or Lucifer for that matter. And we all see that tension get worse in tonight's episode entitled "Good God, Y'all."

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Everything seems fine in spite of the fact that the Devil has risen and has already taken over a vessel, at least from where Bobby, Sam and Dean are standing. In Colorado, however, trouble is brewing as ordinary citizens fall under a spell that makes them believe that they are demons and causes them to commit murder.

It might as well be the end of the world since there's bloodshed everywhere. Fortunately, there are still some people who have not been corrupted by this evil force, including Rufus (Steven Williams). He's a hunter who's desperate for help and he gives his old friend Bobby an urgent call that's suddenly cut off. Poor Bobby can't do anything since he's still in a wheelchair after stabbing himself last week, and sadly, Castiel can't do anything to heal him.

It's a good thing Sam and Dean step up to try to end the violence in Colorado where a hunter reunion takes place. We see Ellen (Samantha Ferris) and Jo (Alona Tal) again and a couple of other hunters ---which should be exciting to watch. Castiel, on the other hand, embarks on a quest to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer ---though I'm sure it would take more than just one episode of Supernatural to find him, her or it.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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