'Supernatural' Preview: Episode 5.21 'Two Minutes to Midnight'
'Supernatural' Preview: Episode 5.21 'Two Minutes to Midnight'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Only one episode left before Supernatural sings its swan song, which is also fittingly the title of final episode of season 5, and yet it seems that Sam and Dean still have a long way to go in their quest to save the world. Not surprisingly, Bobby steps up in hopes of lightening the weight on their shoulders by making a deal with Crowley.
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Episode Photos: "Two Minutes to Midnight"

Although the thought of Bobby selling his soul to a demon in exchange for the location of Death is very depressing, that's just the kind of heroic and courageous thing you'd expect from him. It's a good thing Crowley provides the much needed comic relief by showing Sam, Dean and Castiel the hilarious proof of Bobby sealing the deal.

Video: Bobby and Crowley Sitting in a Tree

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean try to get Pestilence to spill the beans but he doesn't and unleashes a deadly virus upon them instead. Now it's up to Castiel to negotiate on their behalf and hopefully save the day.

Later, Dean finally comes face to face with Death to discuss Lucifer but the episode takes an unexpected turn when an unholy alliance is forged at a very high price for Dean.

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