Supernatural: Episode 4.5 "Monster Movie" Recap (Page 1/4)
Supernatural: Episode 4.5 "Monster Movie" Recap (Page 1/4)
Last week's episode of Supernatural contained plenty of juicy conflict between the Winchester brothers.  After Dean discovered his brother's late-night dalliances with Ruby, he punched Sammy twice in the face and spent the remainder of the episode arguing with him about right and wrong.  After seeing nice guy Jack turn from a loving husband into a flesh-eating Rugaru, Sam decided to stop using his powers altogether.  He may be able to help people with them, but sometimes it's better not to play with fire.

Tonight's episode of Supernatural is a black-and-white ode to the monster movies of the 1930s.  If you've ever longed to see Dracula escape from the Winchesters on a motorized scooter, now's your chance.

"Monster Movie" starts out with a swelling orchestra, the old-timey WB logo and credits that look straight out of an old movie.  This may be the best Supernatural opening ever.  Sam and Dean are driving to Pennsylvania to look into a vampire attack, which Sam thinks is a miniscule task compared to the apocalyptic shenanigans of the past few weeks.  That's exactly why Dean is excited about it.  It's nice to get back to some good old-fashioned demon slaying.

The small town the brothers arrive in is celebrating Oktoberfest, which means the beer, soft pretzels and German outfits are in abundance.  The boys bill themselves as Agents Angus and Young when talking to the sheriff, who shows them the body of the dead girl in the morgue.  She has two bloody puncture marks on her neck.  After getting the name of a man who witnessed the murder, Sam and Dean head to the nearest bar to ask questions.  Dean flirts with the bartender a bit before tracking down Ed, who claims he saw a cape-wearing, accent-sporting vampire kill the girl in the park.

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