Supernatural: Episode 4.4 "Metamorphosis" Recap (Page 1/4)
Supernatural: Episode 4.4 "Metamorphosis" Recap (Page 1/4)
Last week's episode of Supernatural dove deep into the show's mythology to answer all sorts of questions we had been pondering for years.  The biggest shocker was the reveal that Mary came from a family of hunters, and that she basically sold Sam to the Yellow-Eyed Demon to bring John back to life.  Dean also learned that the YED has bigger plans for Sam than making him the leader of a demon army.  Castiel wants Dean to stop his brother from going to the dark side, otherwise the angel will take care of the younger Winchester himself.

On tonight's episode of Supernatural, the brothers team up to stop a man from transforming into a flesh-eating monster.  Who's feeling hungry?

Supernatural kicks off with Sam and Ruby 2.0 questioning a possessed man about Lilith's location.  The guy ribs Sam about his association with the “demon bitch,” so Sammy promptly uses his mental mojo to suck the demon smoke right out of him, turning him back to normal.  Not only is Sam starting to scare me a bit, but he's also scaring Dean, who sees the entire ordeal from outside.  Dean comes into the warehouse and immediately picks a fight with Ruby after figuring out who she is.  Unfortunately, Dean is no match for the demon, so she quickly overpowers him and pins him against a wall.  While Ruby takes the man to the hospital to get checked out, Dean storms off without saying a word.

At the motel, Dean is treating his brother like an angry ex.  He packs his stuff, prepares to leave, then punches Sammy twice in the face for good measure.  Sam explains that he's merely pulling the demons from the victims and sending them back to Hell, which is a lot less damaging than stabbing them with Ruby's knife.  Dean thinks Ruby has tricked him into using his powers.  "If I didn't know you, I'd want to hunt you," Dean tells him.  Sam swears that his method works, which is when Dean fills Sammy in on what Castiel said last week.  He's a loose cannon, and if Dean can't stop him, God Himself will do the trick.

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