Supernatural: Episode 3.10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Reader Reactions
Supernatural: Episode 3.10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Reader Reactions
Last night's episode of Supernatural, "Dream a Little Dream of Me," finally jumped inside Dean's mind and revealed his fears over his impending death.  It was an emotional hour, but also had some hilarious moments and some very creative storytelling as the Winchester boys experienced the dream world.  On top of that, we also got some back story on Bobby, who was haunted by images of his dead wife.  We even got to see Jensen Ackles wrestle with himself, while making a very fitting reference to the horrendous Superman III.

As always, BuddyTV readers had a lot to say about the twists and turns that the Winchesters experienced last night.  Read on for their reactions to the nightmarish episode.

Shadowfax220 enjoyed the episode so much that she didn't even mind the fact that Bela (Lauren Cohan) showed up to cause some trouble.  "I loved every single second of this one," she said.  "Kripke... after last weeks pissy episode you really turned things around!  Think I'll keep coming back for more.  Oh... and I used to hate Bela, but I think she's growing on me.  I actually liked her in this one."

"Yep, this episode rocked," AcklesFan agreed.  "I always look forward to Bobby being in an ep and then we get that really funny Sam/Bela dream...that was hilarious!  But, my favorite parts were when Dean told Bobby he was like a father to him, when Sam got to see Dean's dream of Lisa/Ben and, of course, Dean confronting his issues with his dream self.  I love how broken and worthless Dean is underneath his bravado."

One of the funniest moments of the season came after Sam (Jared Padalecki) had an awkward sexual dream involving Bela.  Nyferia also loved the scene, saying, "The scene after Sam's dream, when he's sleeping on the desk with the huge grin was priceless!  I loved how awkward he felt when he woke up, and how he had to hide how happy he was.  He was so smooth when he tried to talk to Bela as she left.  I totally knew she was going to take the gun after she saw it in the safe.  I'm wondering why she did it.  1. To teach them a lesson for not letting her dream walk with them.  2. She's been contracted by Sam's rival to take away their demon killing gun.  3. She can't help herself because she's a master thief and that safe was a joke."

Though Sam's sex dream was definitely played for laughs, could it be concealing something more important?  "Bela did a whole lot of the things in Sam's dream that she did when she actually showed up," meimei42 points out.  "Right down to some of the same exact conversation bits.  Perhaps a little bit of psychic Sam is showing through?  I mean I suppose you can chalk it up to coincidence, but everything was *really* similar.  Makes me wonder."

The one thing we know for sure is that Dean probably won't be the same after confronting his inner demonic self.  "I felt so bad for Dean when his double was being so cruel," jensensgirl said.  "Poor Dean. Love the guy to death, but he's got major issues.  Oh, but Jensen Ackles played a demon beautifully.  I think he was better than any other demon character on there.  Freaked me out!"

There's no telling how Dean will fare next week, when we'll see him die over and over again in the episode "Mystery Spot."  Until then, it's time to ponder why Bela stole the Colt, and whether Sam's dream was foreshadowing the re-emergence of his psychic powers.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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