'Supernatural' Episode 13.15 Photos: Will Sam and Dean Be Able to Open a Portal?
'Supernatural' Episode 13.15 Photos: Will Sam and Dean Be Able to Open a Portal?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Sam and Dean finally have a plan to rescue their mom from Apocalypse World on Supernatural. The Demon Tablet contains a spell that can open a portal to the alternate dimension so the Winchesters can save Mary and Jack. But first they need to find the ingredients.

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In "A Most Holy Man," Sam and Dean will seek out one of those missing ingredients at a black market for religious relics where they are sure to run into a bunch of shady characters. Will they get what they need or will they come up short.

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Check out these photos from the 15th episode of Supernatural season 13, airing Thursday, March 8 at 8/7c on the CW.

Dean with Some Questionable Characters

SN1315b_0117b.jpgGuest Star Massi Furlan as Lucca Camilleri

SN1315b_0003b.jpgSam and Dean Meet with Lucca

SN1315b_0016b.jpgLucca Goes Down

SN1315a_0130b.jpgGuest Stars Fulvio Cecere and Leanne Lapp as Cromarty and Margaret Astor

SN1315a_0026b.jpgSam and Margaret

SN1315a_0048b.jpgWhat Is Sam Writing Down?

SN1315a_0028b.jpgGuest Star Al Sapienza as Santino Scarpatti

SN1315a_0088b.jpgDean with a Gun

SN1315a_0077b.jpgSam with a Gun

SN1315a_0046b.jpgDo you think Sam and Dean will get what they need?

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