Supernatural: Episode 2.20, "What Is and What Should Never Be" Spoilers
Supernatural: Episode 2.20, "What Is and What Should Never Be" Spoilers
Supernatural is coming up on its season finale, which will air in a couple of weeks, but first we have some spoilers for tonight's episode.  Before we get to those, however, I think the similarity has to be discussed between the premise of tonight's episode and that of Monday's episode of Heroes.  Both give us a speculative glimpse of the future that certainly won't occur for the Supernatural characters, and probably won't occur for the Heroes characters.  I'm not insinuating that one of the shows copied the other, just that I find it interesting when TV shows go this route.

You can look at it as a wasted episode, in that it has no ramifications on the actual plot.  However, it is kind of cool to see what could have been, had this or that happened.  Mostly, it's a good trend, that series are willing to take chances and think outside of the box.  Our spoilers are provided by the incredible Isabelle of SpoilerFix.

Episode 2.20: What Is and What Should Never Be
Airdate: May 3, 2007

Dean is attacked and transported to a world where his mother (guest star Samantha Smith) is alive, Sam is in law school and engaged to Jessica (guest star Adrianne Palicki), and Dean lives a very normal life with his girlfriend (guest star Michelle Borth). However, after he starts seeing a strange girl (guest star Melanie Neige Scrofano) and learns all the people he has saved in the past have died, Dean must decide whether he wants to stay in this new safe life where everyone he loves is alive or if he should return to the hunt. Source: The CW

Dean sees how life could have turned out if the Demon had never killed his mother and the Winchester men hadn't turned into hunters in an episode titled "What Is and What Should Never Be." Source: The CW

Jensen Ackles, star of The CW's horror series Supernatural, told SCI FI Wire that an upcoming episode will provide a glimpse into the lives Dean (Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester might have led had their mother not been killed by a demon years earlier. "What Is and What Should," the 20th episode of the show's sophomore season, was written and directed by creator and executive producer Eric Kripke and will air on May 3. In it, a demon genie, called a djinn, provides the unusual opportunity for Dean to see what might have been. "So you're kind of thrust into this parallel universe of Dean and Sam and Mom and Dad and everybody and what it would have been like if all of that stuff had not happened 20-some-odd years ago," Ackles said in an interview. Source: Sci Fi Wire

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