'Supernatural' Recap: Sam and Dean Go Nuts (Page 3/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Elsewhere, Sam apologizes to the doctor he cut, but the real problem, as the doctor sees it, is that Sam's anger issues are independent from his crazy Apocalypse story.  So in this episode we learn Dean is an alcoholic and Sam is a rage-aholic.  The rage continues when Sam goes to the common room and once again has a rage attack when he hallucinates that everyone is fighting him.

That night, Dean, who has now lost all of his marbles, finds Martin and reveals that "Crazy's the clue."  Since both he and Sam went nuts, he thinks of someone they were both in contact with and comes up with Wendy.  Dean and Martin go to get her, but the admitting nurse is already there, sucking out Wendy's brain juices.

Of course the admitting nurse is the Wraith.  You're thinking of someone who had contact with both brothers, and you think of the girl who kissed both of you, not the girl who had her hand up both of your butts?  Sadly, a flashback reveals it was just a touch on their arms during the blood pressure check that infected them.  I guess the CW's Standards and Practices needed to ensure that no one assumed she gave the boys Crazy Enemas.   

Nurse Wraith runs away and a bat-poop crazy Dean chases after her.  They arrive at the padded call where Sam is chained up.  Nurse Wraith reveals she loves the taste of crazy brains and is about to mind-suck Sam with her weird wrist spike when Dean shows up.  He might be loopy, but he's able to snap off her wrist spike and stab her to death with a silver-plated letter opener.

In other words, Wraiths are really easy to kill.

In the aftermath, the brothers escape and Sam is faced with the ugly truth that he has serious anger management issues.  However, there's no time for therapy because Lucifer is still out there, so he just needs to sack up.

Next week on Supernatural: Sam swaps bodies with a nerdy teenager.  I really hope Dean makes a Zoltan reference.

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