'Supernatural' Recap: Sam and Dean Go Nuts (Page 2/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
When the boys tell Martin about the brain suck, we get this week's obligatory exposition.  It's a Wraith, a demon that can take human form that sucks brain juice.  You can see its true form in a mirror and silver can kill it.

Dean stands in front of a mirror to watch passing people when the hot shrink returns.  She digs at the cold hard truth, which is that, even if Dean is right about being responsible for saving humanity by stopping Lucifer, that's a whole lot of weight he's carrying on his shoulders.  This impromptu therapy session is cut short when the head doctor walks by and looks like a Wraith.

That night, the boys plan to split up when Wendy arrives again, only this time she makes out with Sam because he's bigger.  I can only imagine what that casting call was like.  "Seeking: Actress, 20s.  Very little dialogue.  Must be willing to make out with both Jensen Ackles AND Jared Padalecki."  If you turn that casting call into a reality show, you'd get more applicants than American Idol.

The boys split up and Sam finds the doctor, stabbing him before being tackled by three orderlies.  Sam finds back, doing a crapload of damage before Martin arrives to say that the doctor's skin isn't bubbling, so he's not a Wraith.  A look of genuine horror and regret washes over Sam's face.  But let's be honest, slicing up a human being is far from the worst thing Sam has ever done.

After this attack, Sam is drugged to kingdom come.  He even tells Dean how much he loves him before giving him a "Boop!" on the nose.  I think we'd all like Sam a lot better if he got hooked on these drugs instead of demon blood.

Dean goes off to try and figure out why he thought the doctor was a Wraith when hot shrink shows up again, only this time she scolds him about Jo and Ellen's deaths and all the other messed up stuff from this season.  And that's when he finds out hot doctor isn't real, she's a crazy hallucination.

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