Did Castiel Go Too Far with Donatello on 'Supernatural'?
Did Castiel Go Too Far with Donatello on 'Supernatural'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Desperate times call for desperate measures, or if you're Castiel on Supernatural, the potential of desperate times calls for desperate measures. In the episode "Good Intentions," worried about the chance that Michael from the Apocalypse World might destroy everything, Cas dove into the mind of a corrupted Donatello. The process destroyed Donatello's mind, leaving him brain-dead. It's a callous move but one that Cas deemed necessary. While he might be right, the moment doesn't suggest great things for the future of Supernatural's favorite angel.

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Tiptoeing up to the Line

Even though Supernatural presented it in a very matter-of-fact way, Castiel delving into Donatello's mind was a big moment. It's something that Cas promised to never do again and it's such a huge violation of another person. The action, separated from all context, does make Cas seem as bad as the angels who our heroes are getting ready to fight. It's an example of Cas using his angel powers to lord over someone who is helpless to stop it. Sam and Dean were right to be concerned about Cas' actions, even if the intensity of their anger was misplaced. 

Castiel's actions were brutal but considering everything that surrounded them, they didn't really cross the line. It was ruthless but not totally uncalled for, the spell was needed. If the blame needs to be laid at anyone's feet for Donatello's fate, it's Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean are the ones who had Donatello read the demon tablet. They didn't know what the effects would be but they did know that Donatello didn't have a soul. Castiel might've made Donatello braindead but Sam and Dean already put Donatello into a place that was beyond salvation. 

Castiel truly did what he had to get the information out of Donatello. It wasn't pretty and it doesn't put the angel in a good light but at least the team has the spell. Likewise, Donatello might be brain-dead but he's not fully dead, and Supernatural has found ways to bring characters back from far worse than Donatello's situation. Yet while Castiel didn't cross the line with Donatello, he's getting dangerously close to it. 

The Bad Future for the Good Angel

The most concerning thing about Castiel mindwiping Donatello isn't necessarily that he did it. It's the fact that he showed almost no remorse after the fact. Castiel wasn't just pragmatic about the whole affair. He was positively cold. Cas had no second thoughts or regrets, and he seemed annoyed that Sam and Dean felt he should feel bad. Cas justified everything by the fact that Michael is coming, and everything must be done to stop him. This is a reason to be concerned. 

The end of "Good Intentions" seemed to suggest that Cas' callousness is going to get much worse before it gets better. Cas is going to keep taking desperate and morally ambiguous actions if they even have a chance of bringing down Michael. It's already happened, as earlier in the season Cas tried to kill Lucifer in an extreme fit of rage. Supernatural has never really put Cas in such a dramatic and desperate place. Castiel is on the edge of falling into darkness and it might be an interesting story for Supernatural to let him. 

To take Cas to a place beyond redemption would the wrong move. Castiel has become very much the heart of the show. However to have Cas, who's been the Winchesters moral center for so long, become a little Machiavellian and ruthless would introduce a new dynamic to Supernatural. Castiel should be tested, morally, by the "return" of Michael and it would be interesting to see Sam and Dean try to hold him back.

What did you make of Castiel's actions? Was wiping Donatello too far? What does the future hold for Cas? Will he go even further to prevent Michael from taking over?

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