Craziest Things Fans Have Done to Show Their Love for 'Supernatural'
Craziest Things Fans Have Done to Show Their Love for 'Supernatural'
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Supernatural has one of the most rabid followings on TV nowadays -- a fan base so devoted they would probably do almost anything just to prove their loyalty to Sam, Dean or anything related to the series. In fact, we asked our readers and Facebook followers what they've done to show their love for Supernatural and, not surprisingly, they came up with some pretty creative (and outrageous) things:
Lesley Belo-Brown: Got a Supernatural tattoo.

Kelsey Bartolf:I threw a Supernatural Halloween party, and all my friends dressed up as a character from the show and just did a bunch of activities related to Supernatural.

Megan Barnish: [I use] Dean's quotes to decide how to live my day-to-day life.

Roesha Godbolt: Postpone my surgery to watch the fourth season finale ... it was for my leaking appendix.

Jayne Ladybaabaa Lamb: Tried to use the power of thought to create a tulpa of Dean Winchester to come and rescue me from a boring job.

Alin Matossian: Named my firstborn son after Dean. Shhh ... my hubby doesn't know that.

Laury Couture: Memorized the show from season 1 to 6 -- just the Sam parts.

Karen Doody: I named my cat Sammy after Jared's character.

Anastasia Beaverhousen: Given up watching anything else. I was a reality show freak and read a lot! Now it's Supernatural ALL THE TIME.

Terri Sivik: I went to a [convention] all by myself, left my kids and hubby behind! Knew no one ... now I know all sort of fans.

Lisa Wham: We had birthday party on Dean's birthday this year. Burgers, beer, and Supernatural.

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