Should Superman Return to 'Supergirl' to Help Stop Cadmus?
Should Superman Return to 'Supergirl' to Help Stop Cadmus?
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Fans (well, most of them) were thrilled when it was announced that Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) would be appearing on Supergirl. Little did they know that, two episodes into the season, he would leave and not be mentioned or appear again. Given this, would his return mean something for the series? His help could be useful in stopping Project Cadmus and Cyborg Superman, both of which have repeatedly outsmarted Kara and the DEO. Or would it just be the Man of Steel stealing his cousin's spotlight, much like his faceless appearances in season 1 did?

Extra Help

At this point, Kara, Alex and the DEO could use some extra help stopping Cadmus and Lillian Luthor. They've been repeatedly outsmarted, and with their only other back-up being Mon-El, they're basically left with one alien to defend the world. While that's okay, and Kara could do it alone, she can't take on Cadmus and Cyborg Superman by herself.

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Cyborg Superman rivals her, and he can keep her distracted long enough for Lillian Luthor to unleash havoc amongst the world. Having another alien would be beneficial as, if it were Superman, he could face Cyborg Superman alone while Kara goes after the season-long Big Bad. It's also worth asking, if Kara and Clark could barely stop Metallo, how can Kara stop the villainous group that turned him into that monster and the monsters they've created alone?


There's been a problem with Clark/Superman overshadowing Kara/Supergirl since the series premiered, and not just for the viewers. Even the characters have struggled with this, especially Kara, who had to fight her way out of that shadow and save Superman's life too in the season 1 finale. Without that, would she have ever escaped?

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Just his presence overshadows her in a way; the incarnation that they've created has so many years of experience on Kara, and he's been through so much more than she has, so his plans and strategies would be taken more seriously than her own. He stopped Lex Luthor, so if he was the one to stop Lillian Luthor, that would only put Kara further down in the eyes of the citizens. She really would just be the consolation prize hero, the hero that's equivalent to the participation trophy.

Should Superman Return?

Personally, no, Superman should not return. If viewers are ever going to truly believe that Kara can stand on her own without the looming shadow of her cousin, we have to believe and have faith that the writers can figure out how Kara can take on Cadmus and Cyborg Superman on her own.

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He saved her from Reactron in season 1, and it's just like Kara said: if he's always around to save her, how will the citizens see her as anything but less than the Man of Steel? She is a hero in her own right, and while their powers may be the same, Kara stands out from Clark and truly relies on her family and friends to help her through. If there's anyone that can be counted on to stop Cadmus, it's Kara. She wouldn't let anything happen to anyone she loves, or the city that she loves and protects.

What do you think? Is it important for Kara to defeat Cadmus on her own? Do you want to see Superman again? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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