'Love in the Wild' Recap: Gone in 30 Seconds
'Love in the Wild' Recap: Gone in 30 Seconds
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The competition of Love in the Wild has come down to three remaining couples Ben and Michelle, Ken and Yanina and Chase and Summer. Jenny McCarthy kept the last couple around last week for the Couples Compatibility Test. The cutest of the couples, Ben and Michelle, won the most points.

Tonight the gauntlet adventure might still bring you to the edge of your seats but not for the same reasons. Whoever wins this round will decide what couple will be going home!

At The Cabins

The 30 second lead is the topic of conversation before the adventure begins. Chase is relieved that Ken and Yanina weren't awarded the jump start "because we wouldn't see them," he says. That's true!

The Adventure

Jenny stands before the couples explaining that they'll be digging for gold. The couples will be scurrying around marked spots on a map to find hidden pieces of a map that reveals where the trunk of gold is hidden. Whoever wins will, as I said before, choose who goes home.

In order for Ben and Michelle to have a legitimate head start, the other teams are blindfolded. It doesn't do much, though, because as soon as Jenny counts them off and reveals the large map with large red circles where the hidden map pieces are, Ben was completely turned around. It's a large picture pointing out where things are located. What is so hard about this?

Ken is a beast, as usual. He puts himself and Yanina in first place easily, going straight to a map piece. Summer and Chase are next in second place.

All three teams now have their two map pieces. Ken and Yanina are in the lead but not by much. Chase and Summer are close behind. They all hop on horses at a designated station.

While Chase is on a tiny horse with his "knees up to his ears," as Summer describes it, Michelle is on a monster horse. Michelle is yelling, "BEN! BEN!" as her horse takes off down a dirt road. Ben and his calm horse are taking the scenic route.

At a fork in the road, the couples are able to choose which of two locations, The Cave or The Cliff, they can find a map piece first. Ken and Yanina take the cliff while Chase and Summer hit the cave.

Within the dark cave, where Ben and Michelle follow, the contestants find tons and tons of maps that say "Try again." They have to unravel each to figure out which is the one they need to move on.

Yanina leans over the cliff, looking down a ladder to see where the map is located. Thankfully, Ken pushes her out of the way and scales down the ladder, picking up the map, putting it in his teeth and climbing back up to his teammate.

Meanwhile, Ben has fallen inside the cave after grabbing the map and now his temper is flaring. "Michelle is great 'cause he doesn't really fuel the fire and yell back at me," he says in his cool accent. Michelle doesn't seem to be that impressed, though.

Ken and Yanina have now fallen behind, scouring through the cave for the last of their map pieces. The task proves daunting for them. "Ken sits down reading the paper over there," says Yanina. He literally sits down looking back over the instructions instead of helping to find the right map.

"When Yanina found the map, I was relieved. We spent way too much time in the cave," admits Ken. YOU THINK?!

By this time, Summer and Chase and Ben and Michelle are back at the beach looking for the final map piece in the water. With Ben and Michelle still arguing, one would think they lose more time. They're neck in neck on their way to a banana plantation to locate their chests.

"Ben's already acting a fool and I am freaking out at this point," Michelle says. He's simply not listening to her. Summer and Chase are looking around for their chest when Ken and Yanina walk up, find a chest and take off. How did that happen? Summer and Chase find their chest next. That leaves Ben and Michelle in last place.

Ken and Yanina reach Jenny first and are awarded with The Oasis, a guaranteed spot in the finale AND they will be able to decide which couple goes home. "We're kicking ass!" exclaims Ben.

Summer and Chase come in second. "This sucks," Summer comments.

Michelle and Ben are STILL searching through the plantation. "So you guys had that 30 second head start," jokes Jenny as they walk up to the finish line. "Did it help you think?" Of course, it didn't! I would say Ben messed that one up.

The Cabins

"I'm sorry about today," apologizes Ben to Michelle. It was definitely was his fault, but Michelle doesn't look to be holding it against him. Ah, puppy love.

Summer and Chase are more worried about what Ken and Yanina will be thinking when it comes to eliminating someone.

The Oasis

"I give you 100% today 'cause you did all the work," giggles Yanina. Ken is a one man powerhouse. He is his own couple; Yanina is just along for the ride. Over dinner, the two discuss who to send home and they're not on the same page. Ken wants a level ground while Yanina wants to make sure she wins. Instead of an argument, they agree to talk to the remaining to couples. I'm sure this will turn into an argument.

The Cabins v. The Oasis

"What bothers me is that everyone's dubbed us as the 'competitive couple,'" says Summer. Ben quickly speaks up. Summer then voices her opinions on Ben and Michelle  to cameras, saying it's easy make a connection in the bedroom. I knew it would be a fight.

The Oasis ... Again

Ken and Yanina are still torn. Chase and Summer are obviously detached and argumentative while Ben and Michelle are working as one and fighting to stick around.
Ben explains that he's found what he came for and that's Michelle. Summer voices that "it's anybody's game." Game is the keyword here.

Couples' Choice Ceremony

Before the top couple are able to decide who leaves, Jenny allows each of the bottom teams to voice their opinions.

I'll sum it all up for you. Chase and Summer's words are very vague and still competitive. Ben and Michelle have passion behind their fight to stay. Ben even mentioned that Chase and Summer may be more "friendly."

Yanina starts crying so Ken will step up and take charge once again.

Eliminated: Summer and Chase

Love wins! Ben and Michelle will join Ken and Yanina in the final adventure.

"Not to get mushy but it'll be fun to get to know each other outside of here," says Chase. In a couple catch-up blurb, we find out that they do in fact keep seeing one another. Good for them!

Next week on Love in the Wild, it's the final adventure. Who will cross that finish line and make their way on a romantic trip around the world? Tune in to find out!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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