'Love in the Wild' Recap: Jesse's On The Prowl
'Love in the Wild' Recap: Jesse's On The Prowl
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Ah, young love ... while running wild in a hot and sticky jungle. You guessed it! It is time for another installment of Love in the Wild! Last week, Jenny McCarthy helped the men ditch six women. What could we possibly look forward to tonight?

Every episode features a gauntlet challenge, scavenging across the island for specific items and racing towards the finish line. Yet tonight is going to be a lot different, folks. Tonight there are MACHETES! Get excited because here we go!

We start where it all ended last week, after the Couple's Choice Ceremony.

"I'm not sure where Jesse's head's at," says Ali. She's not that type of girl. You know, like Tara. Tara got sent home after finding out that Jesse wanted an intimate encounter and then ... nothing. Watch your back, Ali ... literally.

There are some success stories, though. Ben and Michelle are caught snuggling in the bed together. Jason and Vanessa are cute and giggly. Ken wants to have some fun under the sheets, but Yanina quickly pumps the breaks.

Back to Jesse and Ali in the lean-to. Jesse is trying to "cop a feel." He gets nowhere!

Challenge: Jenny stands holding coconuts in front of her, well, coconuts. The couples must barter their coconuts for a horse, then take the horse up a mountain to retrieve a map and race to the finish line.

The teams are quickly building their wheelbarrows, but moving them (without wheels) to the donkey station is another thing.

The teams need 55 coconuts for the horse, but 55 won't fit in one wheelbarrow. Jesse figures they should find a way to do it all in one trip. "Although I didn't want to admit it," he starts, "I knew I had screwed up." That's an understatement. Not only do the coconuts fall from the wheelbarrow, the wheel falls off, too!

Jason and Vanessa trade-off their coconuts first, but their slow horse could be a problem. Summer and Chase soon pass them. While doing this, viewers are given a bit of information by Summer. "I think I broke my 'vajayjay'." Thanks, Summer!

The teams drop off their horses and grab maps. Poor Ali is scared of heights and crying while reading they that have to cross a waterfall by walking ropes. Did she not think that an adventure show would, at some point, involve heights? Ali actually has to tell Jesse not to talk or touch her while scaling the ropes!

After the rope bridge, the couples must swim under the waterfall and grab another map. "Yanina, she looked like a drowned rat," says Ken. How sweet is that? Jason and Vanessa are really hitting it off, but their map falls underwater. "Now we're screwed!" comments Jason.

Summer and Chase and Ben and Yanina are now tied for first place as they move further up the mountain. They must find a machete tied to a stick and make their way towards a banana plantation. Unfortunately, they miss the spot where you should pick up your supplies. Oops! Somehow this makes Ken not trust Chase and Summer anymore.

Jenna and Ryan are now in first place with Ben and Michelle right behind them. No one knows what 50 pounds of bananas looks like, but it sure is funny watching them figure it out. Jenna is convinced Monkey Man Ryan has too much as he's covered in bananas, but he won't slow down. Also, it seems that Jenna isn't a fan of Ryan's potty mouth.

In the midst of all these tasks, Jesse still has time to make sexual jokes. Ali has her guard up.

Ben and Michelle get to the weighing station first, but Jesse and Ali are able to weigh their bananas first. They sprint to the finish line.

1st Place - Ali and Jesse
2nd Place - Michelle and Ben
3rd Place - Jenna and Ryan
4th Place - Yanina and Ken
5th Place - Summer and Chase
Last Place - Vanessa and Jason

Vanessa and Jason may have come in last, yet Jenny lets the couple know that "there is no lean-to anymore!"

"Ali and I have had a couple arguments, but I'm still attracted to her," says Jesse. And all the viewers say, "YES, WE KNOW!" The couple moves into their stay at The Oasis.

Chase feels like a LOSER after letting Summer down.

Ben feels like a macho man, explaining how he felt with a machete in hand. Michelle looks on with starry eyes and giggles.

Jason is still pretty excited over Vanessa, but she isn't saying very much after stepping inside their new home ... a tent.

Jesse asks Ali a question about her feelings, but when she doesn't give the answer he wants, he's immediately upset. "The more time I spend with her, I realize Ali and I just don't get along," he says. What? What a sore LOSER!

In Ben's concern over losing his partner to Jesse, who has first pick, he presents Yanina with a romantic setting on the beach. If that doesn't win her over, he at least will walk into the unmatched area having kissed her.

Vanessa wants to let her guard down and open up to Jason. This might be the most serious bit of information that we'll witness on this show. Her father recently died of cancer. It's nice to see them coming closer together.

"If that guy picks Yanina, I'm gonna raise hell," grumbles Ken who is still more concerned about Jesse.

Couples' Choice Ceremony

Every couple has a chance to switch things up, but Jenny reminds us that Jesse and Ali have the advantage. If they decided to change partners, whoever they pick CANNOT refuse them.

Jesse and Ali are up first. Before Ali can speak, Ken speaks up AGAIN about Jesse. "Your decision may impact us here and what we have is pretty good," he says. Thanks, I guess?

Ali continues on her own path. She chooses ... BEN! Michelle is not happy.

Jesse confesses that he would have dismissed himself to the unmatched area, but instead he picks Michelle.

Jenna and Ryan stay together as do Yanina and Ken.

A cat-fight breaks out between Ken and Jesse. It was bound to happen. Ken accuses Jesse of being selfish and Jesse calls Tara "collateral damage." Thankfully, Ben tells them to stop, "You both have points," he says.

Summer and Chase stay together, also.

This means Jason and Vanessa are leaving the show. "He is boyfriend material," says Vanessa. Teary-eyed, Jason admits to Jenny that they'll do all that they can to stay together.

Thanks a lot, Jesse! You ruined everything!

Next week on Love in the Wild, make sure you tune in as things get creepy and crawly! The couples will be capturing tarantulas while the women will be catching attitudes. Plus, there will be two couples leaving this time.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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