'Suits' Spoilers: 5 Teases for the Season 4 Premiere
'Suits' Spoilers: 5 Teases for the Season 4 Premiere
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Start the 7 day countdown to Suits season 4! The series will be moving to Wednesdays this summer and premieres next week on June 11 before Graceland. The day isn't the only change coming to the show. While our favorite characters will be back, change is happening everywhere and for everyone. 

Spoiler alert: This article contains Suits spoilers and clips. 

Mike is Gone

If you thought that MIke leaving the firm was a hoax or he'd find his way back to Pearson Specter in the premiere, it doesn't happen. Nope! Mike takes the job as an investment banker. Jonathan Sidwell's his new boss, he has his own office and assistant, and he puts on a three-piece suit. Mikey's all grown up!

Harvey and Mike Battle

Mike is now Harvey's client and it's not an easy relationship. They play a high risk game of Tug-of-War and they both could end up losing. Mike wants to prove his independence, while Harvey's not ready to accept Mike's new position.

Mike disses Jordan and says, "Now, it's Lebron's time." Check out the tension between Harvey and Mike in the below promo.

Balancing Act

Rachel's in law school, while working at Pearson Specter as an associate. That would be complicated enough, but she's put into a difficult position that causes problems between her professional and personal lives. 

Sexy Times

There's no shortage of romance in the season premiere. Four main characters get their sexy on! Clothes are removed, skin is shown and in all cases, these relationships interfere with their work lives in at least a minor way.

Hilarity Ensues

Tensions will be high throughout the hour, but don't fear the one-liners, movie references, and banter are all back. During the episode, one interaction was so unexpected and hilarious, I may have laughed so hard I snorted. Maybe.

Suits Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, June 11 at 9pm ET on USA.

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