'Suits' Recap: The (Mock) Trial of Harvey Specter
'Suits' Recap: The (Mock) Trial of Harvey Specter
Sucker Punch

For being a complete douchebag, Harvey lands a good right to Travis during a deposition for taking the settlement offer from $5 million to $100 million and also getting disbarred. Travis further pushes Harvey's buttons about Jessica "being the man" and having a thing for her boss, which further leads to Harvey's mommy issues. Before Travis can finish his thought -- bam! -- Harvey gets him good. While Harvey took the bait, Travis of course deserves it.

The Trial Takes Shape

Jessica is the one who'll be defending Harvey, and she's a little rusty, so what better way to get some practice time in than a mock trial? Harvey recruits Louis to play Travis because if there's one thing those two have in common, it's their hatred for Harvey. And the presiding judge will be none other than Daniel. But this is great practice for Harvey, who will take the stand and has to sway his own partners who are the "jury."

Louis also summons Mike to help beat Harvey.

Harvey has his eyes on a jury consultant, Zoe, to help, and then goes to see Donna as well. But she's having none of it, and we can sympathize with that, since Harvey hadn't even called her himself, and couldn't fire her himself.

Their brief encounter ends with Donna informing Harvey that she'll plead the Fifth in court.

Crossing the Line?

Even though Louis is "playing" Travis in the "court," he uses the opportunity to vent his personal frustrations, mainly the fact that Harvey was made senior partner instead of, well, him. Oh, let's also not forget that Harvey's middle name is revealed: Reginald.

Meanwhile, Mike had tried his hand at trying to convince Donna. He doesn't get to her, either ... but then she shows up out of nowhere to the trial. And then Louis takes the opportunity to get Donna to admit on the stand that she shredded the document to protect Harvey because she's in love with him!

She admits no such thing, even though we totally know she is.

Harvey and Louis explode at each other, and Louis says he was just playing the part, and that it killed him to rip apart Donna like that. Louis blames everything on Harvey because the whole firm has been trying to save Harvey.

The next day at trial, Jessica calls Louis to the stand -- Louis of the firm, not Louis playing Travis. Louis has nothing but good things to say about Harvey -- including the fact that he didn't commit a crime.

Finding Dirt

At the same time, Mike and Daniel team up to see what dirty secrets Travis has. They believe finding something on him will save Harvey. And then Daniel eventually uncovers something, and they leverage a settlement. It's costly, but at least Harvey won't get disbarred. At first, Harvey is against it -- until Mike is the voice of reason and convinces Harvey to do so. The student becomes the mentor.

And it all seems like there'll be a happy ending, until Daniel wants full control of the firm and moves for a vote to get Jessica out as managing partner.

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