'Suits' Recap: It's On!
'Suits' Recap: It's On!
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Battles were waged both inside and outside of Pearson Specter on this week's Suits. Mike gave Harvey a very special gift by taking a case against his mentor's biggest law school rival. And Scottie started a fight with Louis to make a name for herself. One opponent was crushed, while the other was left grovelling.

Louis vs. Scottie

Scottie made her presence known right away at Pearson Specter. At her first Senior Partners' Meeting, she sat next to Jessica and when Louis was late to the meeting volunteered to handle a new case for one of his clients.

Ouch! She used the firm's bylaws written by Louis against him. He was late and she got his client's case. Way to go, Scottie! Though, I did feel a bit bad for Louis. He finally mended his relationship with Harvey to have Scottie become a new foe.

Jessica convinced Louis to befriend Scottie instead of taking his normal route of being a jerk.The gift of a scarf pashima wasn't enough to convince Scottie to give the case back to him. So, Louis forced himself on the case with her.

And, why? Because Scottie set up the fight on purpose. She wanted to be known as the Scottie that beat Louis and not as Harvey's girlfriend. 

Harvey vs. Stemple

Mike wanted to give Harvey a special gift for helping him with the his Louis problem and Donna gave him the perfect suggestion. Harvey's wanted to face his law school rival, Eliot Stemple, in a real case. Every time they have come close to opposing each other, Stemple got out of it.

Mike found a case and a client to make Harvey's dream come true. Stemple was predictable and when he was blindsided by Harvey at the opposing counsel's table, he tried to get off the case. He failed.

It's on! 

Louis Plays Dirty and Scottie Fights Back

Louis sabotaged Scottie's plan for their client by planting a fake investigation against the company she was recommending. He won the first round, but it came at the cost of a good deal for their client.

Donna stopped by to sweet talk Louis into giving Scottie a break, but he didn't want anything to do with that. He stuffed his face with pastries instead. Nice move, Louis.

Scottie punched back by throwing Louis' violation of the bylaws in his face, which threatened his place on the bylaw committee. He was off the case or she'd get him kicked off the committee. Nice play, Scottie.

Harvey Walks into a Trap

Stemple played Harvey! He made a snide comment about rigging the data in his favor and Harvey ran with it. Even though the camcorder didn't pick up the comment, Harvey bluffed that it did. Big mistake! 

Stemple wanted Harvey to ask for the raw data from his expert. When Harvey used it to argue that both products performed equally. Hook ... Line ... Sinker. Stemple used that to counter-sue for patent infringement. Eww!

Eliot Stemple Skid Mark

Harvey went to Jessica for help on the case because she's the only other person who has consistently bettered him. They figure out the Stemple wants Harvey to fight and not take the deal. Instead of walking into the trap, they will take Stemple's settlement offer.

Only there was more to Stemple's plan. Mike realized that Stemple had been after something well before Harvey took over the case. He wanted them to fight in order to get something in discovery.

Stemple's entire case was a ruse to get a proprietary glue during discovery, in order to steal it. He was using the case to commit corporate espionage. Whoa! It was quite an elaborate ruse and it almost worked.

Instead of paying a settlement, Harvey's client would receive one and Stemple's Fortune 500 client had to admit to wrongdoing. Harvey took down his rival! 

No Spotlight

Pearson Specter's win against Stemple made the headlines. They took down a corruption plot and won for their client. A newspaper wanted an interview and that couldn't be MIke because of his secret.

It was worse than that for Mike, he had to remove his name from the counsel list entirely. He won the case for them, but he had to hide to protect himself and the firm.

When Mike got home to his new beautiful home, Rachel was proud of him, but the truth weighed on him. Will he find a way to become a legitimate lawyer so he can get the spotlight he deserves? So he can stop living in fear?

Favor or Chit

Louis found out that Scottie purposely targeted him in the meeting. She wanted to take his transaction and would do it one way or another. He couldn't take it. While Scottie could survive the loss, Louis couldn't.

It would have been a Harvey-Stemple situation at the firm with Louis being the loser and Scottie holding it over him. Louis asked Harvey to intervene on his behalf. At first, Harvey wouldn't do it. He couldn't because he was supposed to stay out of it for both of them.

But ... Louis needed it and needed it bad. This wasn't about asking a friend a favor, Louis wanted payback for helping Mike. He was calling in the chit! And, that was something Harvey couldn't refuse.

Harvey attempted to get Scottie to understand why she needed to let it go for Louis, but she wasn't having it. When she wouldn't budge and Harvey couldn't reveal what Louis did for him, it became a question of boyfriend or named partner?

Named partner. And, there began the relationship troubles between Harvey and Scottie. So sad! 

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