'Suits' Finale Preview and Sneak Peeks: Harvey Declares War
'Suits' Finale Preview and Sneak Peeks: Harvey Declares War
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Suits season 2 is coming to an end. After the return of Daniel Hardman, the oust of Daniel Hardman, his return again, and his defeat, Jessica Pearson's firm could use a break, but that's not meant to be. In the finale, "War" will be waged and from the looks of the previews it won't be from outside the firm, but from the heart of it.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Suits spoilers and clips for the season 2 finale. You've been warned.

After Hardman was kicked out of the firm, Jessica was left with only her name on the wall and Harvey believed he deserved to have Specter put up there. Jessica didn't think he ready and wasn't sure he ever would be. She sees Harvey as a closer, not a leader.

In the preview, Harvey questions whether or not Jessica trusts him and a battle looks to begin between the two with Mike in the middle. Will Mike back Jessica against Harvey and protect his career? Or, will he go against her and help Harvey? 

Whatever happens, Harvey gets upset enough to fire Mike, though that certainly is short-lived. Mike is being pulled in opposing directions and that is compounded with Rachel get on him as well. 

Mike has lost everyone in his life. Will he risk losing Rachel by telling her the truth? 

In the below clip, Mike and Rachel meet up at a party. Something has happened to make Rachel feel "different." Does the party take place before or after the battles shown in the above preview? 

Mike hands Harvey papers. Is that result of Mike's decision or do those papers lead to the confrontation between Mike and the others? Either way it's going to be an explosive hour!

Uh oh! Harvey makes a move to stop the merger. Jessica is not going to be happy about that. Who will win? Will we have to wait until the summer to find out who wins?

Fireworks are happening all over Suits in the finale, who will be left in the end?

Suits airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on USA.

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