[Video] 'Suits' Summer Finale Sneak Peeks: Lovers and Haters Reunited!
[Video] 'Suits' Summer Finale Sneak Peeks: Lovers and Haters Reunited!
Carla Day
Carla Day
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With the end of summer, we have to say goodbye to Suits until next year. In the summer finale, "Stay," two favorite recurring characters show up: One is a hater and the other a lover. She-Louis is back! Sheila and Louis hook up once again. Could they become a real couple this time? 

And, then there's Ava. She returns and brings someone formidable with her. She hires one of Harvey's greatest rivals, Travis Tanner to represent her. Let the Specter-Tanner showdown begin.

Check out the trailer and sneak peeks from the Suits summer finale, "Stay."

"Stay" promo 

Highlights from the promo: 

  • "This is the result of your actions." - Ava
  • "What I do, I do it to win." -- Harvey
  • "If you go to Stanford, we're done." - Mike
  • Uh oh! Jessica finds out that Mike and Rachel are dating and she's not happy about it. And, she gets in Mike's face about it, "You told Robert Zane's daughter my business." 
  • Tanner believes he has evidence against Harvey. That's not good. Though, is it true? You never know with Tanner, do you?
  • Donna and Stephen back together again. He looks good in orange brown, doesn't he? He's right where belongs. She asks him, "You told me I was wrong about you. How could you do this?"
  • Scottie goes after Harvey about a deal that he took.  
"Harvey Specter Monthly"

Harvey's late. And, who's there to greet him? Tanner! He's representing Ava now, so let the showdown begin. Who will win? 

Would you subscribe to "Harvey Specter Monthly"?

"Admiration" - Louis gets some lovin'! 

Louis and Sheila are awesome together, but as usual he's a bit of a doofus. She gave him a special candidate file and asked him to say longer, but he's oblivious to her feelings. Not only does he leave to go back to work, he says "Thank You" instead of giving her a kiss goodbye. Oh, Louis!

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