'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Gina Torres on Jessica's Goals for Harvey and the Future of the Firm
'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Gina Torres on Jessica's Goals for Harvey and the Future of the Firm
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On Suits, Jessica's decision to merge with Darby didn't turn out at all like she expected, but she's a fighter. She'll do whatever she needs to in order to get the firm moving in the right direction again. In "Bad Faith," the dissolution negotiations didn't go well. 

I spoke with Gina Torres about the merger, Jessica's relationship with Harvey, and the future of the firm. Check out the first part of my interview with her and come back after the summer finale for a hint of what to expect going forward.

At the end of last season and then in season 3, Jessica and Harvey butted heads and battled hard. Now that Jessica has put his name on the wall and Harvey came clean about his secret deal with Darby, it seems like all is back to normal. Does Jessica truly trust Harvey?

I think she has to make a choice to trust him again. She's got a firm to run. There's no magic bullet that makes the hurt and betrayal go away. I think she's got to put that somewhere and figure out how to sort of absorb it and wrap her brain around it. And, that's a very human thing. 

It's ongoing. It's an ongoing process. It doesn't just end.  And, I think that we'd be disappointed if it did. I think it wouldn't feel real. It wouldn't feel true. And, we'll see bits and pieces of that. We'll see glimmers -- we'll see a glimmer in the eye every now and then of what that looks like.

In "Bad Faith," I loved the combination of the scenes when Jessica reprimands Harvey for teasing Louis and then Harvey compliments Louis. Will we see Jessica continue to help Harvey move from that single-minded closer to a leader of the firm?

She has to. She has to, it's part of her job and part of her responsibility for making him a named partner in the first place. It's also very clearly one of the reasons that -- she's said before on the show  -- she didn't put his name on the door because of how he behaves quite frankly. How he operates. He doesn't operate with the bigger picture in mind despite his great talents. So, now, it's part of her job to continue to mentor him and grow him up as it were.

Why didn't Jessica go ballistic when Louis locked in the client list and over something as stupid as a cat?

Part of her gift is to not go ballistic. That's part of the reason she is Managing Partner. One thing didn't work out so now she's got to figure out another way to make it happen, especially when it's crunch time. When there's a clock on it, she can't afford to lose her mind and rail against the machine because that's a waste of time. She's got to find another way.

What does she want to get and end up with after the divorce with Darby is over?

Right now, the firm is in the black. So she saved her firm, which was her goal. And, really her sole purpose behind the merger was to have more power and get her company out of the red. And, now with everything that's gone on, first and foremost, is to make sure that the reputation of the firm gets built back up to what it should be.

Suits season 3 summer finale airs on Tuesday, September 17 at 10 pm ET on USA.

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