Gina Torres Talks About Strength and 'Suits'
Gina Torres Talks About Strength and 'Suits'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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With the recent debut of Suits on USA, Gina Torres is back on television. The actress, known for her roles in shows like Firefly, Angel, Alias and 24, plays Jessica Pearson -- the apparently calm, rational senior partner of the law firm -- on the new show.

Torres recently spoke with reporters about Suits, her history of portraying strong women and the role of Jessica.

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On Jessica's motivation, with respect to Suits' main character, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht):

Gina Torres: "I think what motivates anybody to mentor somebody who turns out to be as big a pain in the ass as Harvey is potential.

On the Jessica-Harvey relationship:
Gina Torres: "It's complicated... Like all great relationships, it's more than just one thing. It is both equally intimate and personal as well as mysterious. I'm his mother. I'm his sister. I'm his priest. I'm his confidante. I'm all of those things -- as he is for me."

"I forgot to add 'girlfriend' to that too."

"Jessica had a great deal to do with who he is and where he is. She's not done raising him."

On the pilot-episode scene where Harvey seems to blackmail Jessica into getting his senior partnership:
Gina Torres: "That particular scene, it's less about pride and more about knowing and expecting how Harvey reacts... She needs him to play ball in a certain way... Jessica sort of has a plan. And Jessica's plan for Harvey is that she really needs him to grow a soul."

On the role of women in Suits:
Gina Torres: "A strong man doesn't get very far without a strong woman beside him. Not behind him, beside him... All of the writers on the show have done nothing to shortchange that reality... They're all men and they're all women, and they're all in this together."

On playing so many strong women:
Gina Torres: "I believe my initial reaction [to Suits] was, 'Oh! Another strong female character!'"

"It is something that follows me. I am so happy that it does... It is also great fun to find the chink in the armor... It's just as much fun to unearth and find those things that make her vulnerable."

On how her history of playing strong female characters affects the role of Jessica:
Gina Torres: "Jessica is just sort of a culmination of so many characters and women and life experience that I've had over the years... It all goes into the pot."

On getting the role of Jessica:
Gina Torres: "I was lucky enough to have it offered to me. That's not to say that I didn't have to jump through a couple of hoops... My name came up for this part, and they asked if I was interested."

On what we will see of the Suits cast:
Gina Torres: "We'll definitely be... delving into more of the regular cast... As far as the silent partner [of Pearson Hardman], we have yet to meet him."

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Suits airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

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