Stylista: Episode 5 "It's All About Who You Know" Recap
Stylista: Episode 5 "It's All About Who You Know" Recap
Tonight on Stylista, the fashion wannabes will be attending a high profile fashion party that Anne Slowey and Joe Zee will be hosting at a hot New York restaurant, Bungalow 8. They'll be helping Anne and Joe identify all the celebrity guests and why they are important. Afterwards, they'll be creating a party page for the magazine.

For the assistant task, the stylistas much purchase thank you gifts for Anne to give to Amy Sacco, the owner of Bungalow 8. Working in pairs, they'll have $250 and one hour to find the gift. Dyshaun go to a jewelry store and decide upon a vintage Chanel brooch. Johanna and Megan buy a cashmere travel blanket, and Danielle and Ashlie put together a travel survival kit with tons of little things like handi-wipes and such.

Anne thinks that jewelry is too personal a gift to give, even if it's Chanel. And she merely sniffs haughtily at the low end collection of crap that Danielle and Ashlie put together. Therefore, the winners of the challenge are Johanna and Megan, even though she doesn't think the cashmere throw was thick enough.

However, Johanna and Megan will be on opposing teams for the editorial challenge. The teams are: Johanna, Kate and Danielle versus Megan, Dyshaun and Ashlie.

For the Stylista editorial challenge, they must study and memorize a dossier that contains information of 85 high powered guests who will be attending the party. At the party, they have to help Anne meet and greet and identify all the guests. Then, they'll work to create a party page for the Fashion Insider page of Elle magazine.

The stylistas get to borrow something from the Elle closet in order for them to look their best at the party. Unfortunately, Danielle is a tad larger than the average girl, so she's not thrilled. But come on, there are bags and accessories and shoes she can wear. Danielle runs off to the bathroom, and Johanna goes to check on her. She finally pulls herself together and looks through the closet. Kate whines and whines about how her waist is so small and she can't fit into anything. She wants to eat like three cheeseburgers. However, Johanna wants to have final say on Katie's dress because she's afraid of a booby parade.

Back at the loft, everyone gets to studying the dossier of the guest list. Dyshaun, Ashlie and Megan split up the list and study 30 each. However, Johanna's team decides that each member of the team should to study everyone on the list. (Except for Kate, who goes to bed early.) Johanna stays up very late, cramming.

The next day, everyone gets dressed for the party. Johanna is not please do see that Megan's dress is really short and tight. It's a “dress for midgets,” as Dyshaun says.

At the party, the assistants whisper into Anne's ear the names and identifying characteristics of all the guests who arrive at the party. Kate is completely useless here because all she does is check her lip gloss. Johanna is a bundle of nerves, getting things wrong, while Megan's team kills it, getting everything right. I guess we know which study method was better. Ooh, there's Nigel Barker, noted fashion photographer of America's Next Top Model.

After the party, the teams split up to create their page. Megan's team wants to do a leather team, or “leathah,” as Stella Zotis from Project Runway would say.

Everyone assembles in the boardroom for the fifth Stylista editorial presentation. Joining Anne and Joe is guest judge Paula Froelich, the editor of the infamous Page Six.

Megan's team's page is entitled “(H)Elle's Angels,” because of the leather thing. There's no establishing picture of the host of the party, there's too much text on the page, and they misspelled the name of one of the guests. However, the judges like the photos and the layout.

Johanna's team's page is called “Elite Street.” Kate gets a lot of points for taking a leadership role, but the judges don't like the static-ness of the photos. Plus, there was a glaring ID error of one of the guests.

The judges deliberate in Anne's office. They choose Megan's team to be the winners of the challenge. The other team is on the chopping block. Kate is safe because of the leadership role in the layout. Johanna and Danielle are in danger because they didn't contribute very much. But it is Danielle who is not the right fit. She must pack her desk and go.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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