Celebs Come Out For 'American Idol': Aerosmith, Chaka Khan, and More!
Celebs Come Out For 'American Idol': Aerosmith, Chaka Khan, and More!
Wednesday night's American Idol finale had its fair share of guest performers. Aerosmith, Chaka Khan and John Fogerty all visited the show - and stopped by afterward to talk with me.

Not surprisingly, when Aerosmith was in the building, most of the attention went to Steven Tyler, who had his thoughts on why Phillip Phillips was named the winner - and what he might do going forward.

"I think he's real. He's just really evolved, and he's been vulnerable, and I think America loves that," he said, adding that "I also think he's going to be a big movie star. I don't know why, but I just think that."

Having said that, he told reporters that "The last two have a future beyond belief."

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Celebrating her 40th anniversary in the music business, Khan reflected on how much it has changed: "Let's talk about instant gratification, let's talk about not having to buy records anymore. This has changed dramatically. It's become a business, and a brand, and almost everything but art, unfortunately."

Asked if she had any specific advice for the Idol finalists, she said, "Most of what I could give them, they got already, just doing this show. This stuff is hard. Working, singing every night, getting five hours sleep. It's like touring."

Would she consider recording a duet with Jessica Sanchez? "I would love to, absolutely."

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Fogerty performed with Phillips, of whom he said, "I really think he's going to have a great career in music and show business."

Regarding their song choice for the performance, he explained, "For some reason they'd done a lot of my songs the last couple of months, and we had to avoid those. It was just a coincidence [and] I loved it."

If he were starting out, he said that he would "absolutely" audition for American Idol. "It would sure be a way to get to the front of the line real quick," he explained with a laugh.

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