Step It Up and Dance: Elizabeth Berkley Takes on Something More "Rewarding" Plus a Preview on Tonight's Season Finale
Step It Up and Dance: Elizabeth Berkley Takes on Something More "Rewarding" Plus a Preview on Tonight's Season Finale
Step It Up and Dance has given us nine grueling episodes of hard core dancing.  A few weeks ago, we saw Jessica Feltman leaving the show after she was eliminated.  Through the course of the competition, she has risen to be one of the more emotional of the competitors, and she admitted to having a mental breakdown because she was really nervous.  Jessica can breathe a sigh of relief now that she’s out of the competition, but we can’t say the same for those who are still in it.  In fact, part two of the season finale of Step It Up and Dance will be aired tonight on Bravo, and fans cannot wait to see it.
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For those who want a sneak peek of tonight’s show, click on the clip below.

Meanwhile, in other news, host Elizabeth Berkley has ventured into another project that she is truly proud of.  She recently launched her helpline website called, where she aims to reach out to troubled teen girls.  She says that this is an avenue for teens to ask and discuss those hard-to-ask questions.

"Young girls and teens need a place where they feel safe to ask questions and come up with solutions together," Berkley, who first gained popularity as a teen star in Saved by the Bell, told OK! Magazine.  "They need to know they won't be judged."

Growing up in the entertainment industry, Berkley is backed up by her experiences and expertise in handling various issues while in the spotlight.  More recently, Berkley graced the television screen in CSI: Miami, where she played Horatio's ex-wife.  Today, she hosts Bravo's Step It Up and Dance while hosting interactive self-empowerment workshops for girls aged 11 to 18 all over the United States.  The best part is the overwhelming response she gets from the younger generation who look to her for advice.

"Girls come up to me and tell me they finally feel like someone is hearing them," Berkley admitted.  "It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done."

Catch Berkley on tonight's Step It Up and Dance on Bravo, or log on to for more details on her new project.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Photo courtesy of Bravo)

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