'Star-Crossed' Series Finale Recap: A Race Against the Suvek Clock
'Star-Crossed' Series Finale Recap: A Race Against the Suvek Clock
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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This week is the series finale of Star-Crossed, and the countdown is on to find the Suvek before it goes off at Edendale's Mardi Gras parade.

Roman's Life on the Line

Star-Crossed opens this final episode on Roman, still wounded in Emery's shed, and Emery, frantically trying to figure out how to save him. Since the blade he was stabbed with was infused with Atrian poison, he explains to her, Earth's doctors can't help him.

So Emery makes up her mind to get into the Sector and obtain cyper to save him, despite Roman's protests that it's too dangerous. She convinces her father to let her into the Sector by lying and saying she left her camera in the community, and makes her way in.

In the Sector, Teri tells her mother that Roman is dead, which is true for all she knows. But her mother is very cold in reaction to this news -- she tells her daughter they don't mourn their enemy, and that's that.

So when Emery runs into the Atrian girl in the Sector and tells her that Roman is alive, but gravely wounded, Teri agrees to go with her and use her blood to help him. And back at the shed, she does her Atrian healing thing and Roman is saved.


Meanwhile, Drake brings Taylor tons of food and gives her an herb to help with her pregnancy symptoms, before they discuss how exactly they're going to be able to raise their baby considering they can't even live in the same area. 

That's sort of left on the back burner, however, when Taylor takes a phone call about the float and Drake finds out that it and the Suvek are missing. He tells Sophia and Lukas, and Eric and Julia are let in on the secret since they're present as well. 

Eric then gets a phone call that gives them an idea of what might have happened to the float: Grayson was carjacked, he tells the others, and the hospital called to let him know he was there. They manage to keep all of this from Taylor, however, who only knows that the float, which was sort of her responsibility, is nowhere to be found.

Eric and Julia question Grayson in the hospital, but he tells them he didn't get a look at his assailant. With no other choice, Julia calls the cops to let them know about the bomb.

On Their Own

Grayson repeatedly tries to call Emery to tell her the cops found the float but the Suvek is still missing, but she's busy with Roman. The cops basically blow the teenagers off, and we later find out that the one in charge of the search is in league with Zoe. So the kids are left to stop the Suvek by themselves.

Lukas, genius that he is, downloads a Geiger counter app that should spike when the Suvek is near, so the group decides to split up and look for it that way. But Roman and Emery aren't in on the search just yet because they're a bit busy being preoccupied with each other.


Teri and Roman have a heart-to-heart when he wakes up, and he remarks that he's never seen her cry before when she does so as Emery goes to get Roman some water and they're alone. She states that he's never almost-died before, and Roman tries to get through to her that who she is right then is her true self -- a healer.

When Emery returns, overjoyed that Roman is okay, Teri cryptically tells them he needs to be back to the Sector before sundown as she leaves. She adds that Castor won't be a problem anymore, and I'm a little surprised Roman doesn't question that more than he does.

Roman realizes that fighting for his people has nearly cost both he and Emery their lives, and he decides that while his father's path might have been to put his people's needs before his own, his doesn't have to be the same. He admits to Emery that he's always lead on his path right back to her, and the two proceed to have sex in the shed. Romantic, I guess?

Afterwards, Emery finally listens to the messages Grayson has been leaving while she's been, well, distracted, and she and Roman promptly freak out when they realize what's been going on. They make their way to the parade to help the others as fast as they can.

Giving Taylor Hope

When Taylor and Gloria are discussing the missing float, Gloria spots the herb Drake gave Taylor in her purse. She knows there's only one reason a girl would have such an herb, but when she confronts the teenager about it, Taylor admits she's not sure she's even going to keep the baby.

Gloria takes it upon herself to give Taylor a little bit of hope, and drives her to a new housing community under construction that will eventually house Atrians and mixed race couples. She wants to show the girl the life she could have if she keeps the baby, although she doesn't pressure her into doing so.

After their little field trip, Taylor thanks Gloria and admits that for the first time since she found out she was pregnant, she has hope. They depart, and just then Gloria receives a phone call that has her rushing from the scene.

Roman's Path

When Roman and Emery arrive at the parade, Emery tries to call Grayson but can't hear the guy (why don't they just text?), and while she's preoccupied, Roman sees a man he thinks is his father in the crowd. When he follows him, it turns out that the man is actually Jesytur, but he had an herb with him that provokes powerful memories in Atrians; for Roman, that manifested as thinking the Eljida guard was his father.

Jesytur tells him Saroya arrived in Eljida the night before and told him about the Suvek, and he urges Roman to stop the bomb. He tells Roman that removing the Iksen's Key from the Suvek should stop it, and he gives him a bit of a pep talk about helping his people. When Roman admits that he's not sure he wants to always do that the way his father did, Jesytur surprises him by introducing him to his little brother, Nox and Gloria's son.

That changes things for Roman, who tells the two to return to Eljida and promises his half-brother that they'll see each other again. Jesytur tells the teen they're all counting on him, before the two depart. No pressure or anything, though.

Teri starts to realize that her mother will stop at nothing in her quest to set the Suvek off, even going so far as to say the teens who are after it, some of whom are Teri's friends, can be sacrificed in order to fulfill the mission. That might just be what it takes for Teri to turn against her warrior mother.

At the Parade

Meanwhile, Emery is apprehended by some masked Trags, but saved thanks to Grayson tempting them with the idea of taking him, a Red Hawk and the son of terrorist Red Hawks, instead. They're both able to run and merge into the parade in front of police officers in order to lose their attackers. 

When Emery explains about the hidden Atrians and Grayson asks where Roman is, since he's the reason she's mixed up in all of that, Emery can't answer. "When we were together, you always came first. Still do," he tells her. But it's not the time for confessions, so they go back to finding the others and the Suvek pretty quickly.

On the float, Lukas gets a signal that indicates the Suvek is nearby, so he and Sophia leave the float. Drake runs over and they let him know what's going on, so he tells them to let the others know just as he sees that Taylor is there as well. But she's not alone.


Taylor "surprises" Drake by showing him Zoe is back in town, and when Zoe sends the girl off to get more food, she threatens Drake and tells him to call off the search or Taylor will pay the price. And she has masked Trags surrounding Taylor to prove her point.

Roman, Emery, Grayson, Lukas, Sophia, Eric and Julia gather at the building Lukas is getting the high reading from and discuss what to do next. Just as Roman is going to go up the elevator in the building, Drake shows up and tells them about the threat against Taylor. And just where are the two BFFs?

Why, on the very same roof as the Suvek, of course! With a 10-minute countdown going on the device, Taylor questions what it is, and Zoe very honestly says it's something that will destroy all mankind. She then confronts Taylor and reveals herself as an Atrian, telling her she is everything that's wrong with the human race. So Taylor, naturally, smacks her and makes a break for the elevator, which she manages to get on alone.

And up on the roof, Zoe puts the Iksen's Key, the final piece of the Suvek puzzle, into the machine.

Next Steps

Taylor runs out of the elevator just as the others are trying to decide what to do, and she tells them the Suvek is in fact just above them. So the group decides to have some people go warn the parade attendees of the danger -- some go up to the roof -- and to have a few barricade the building door. A man also follows Taylor off the elevator, but he and Drake fight only briefly before the guy is knocked out. But his presence gives Roman an idea.

Up on the roof, Emery emerges from the elevator, seemingly apprehended by one of Zoe's men. But it's actually Roman in disguise, and as he brings her out onto the roof, Grayson and Drake come out of the elevator while Zoe and her men are distracted.

Start of a Showdown

Soon enough, a gun fight breaks out, and Drake tells Grayson to cover him, a big step for the Atrian and the Red Hawk. Elsewhere, Lukas starts a fire to evacuate people from the premises, and Julia and Eric barricade the door. Julia gives Eric a pep talk about being at death's door and having to believe you'll make it in order to actually do so.

Gloria, meanwhile, has a showdown of her own with Vega and her followers. The Trags are surrounded, and Gloria tells them to surrender. Teri is the first to do so, but when Gloria says she's already evacuating Mardi Gras, Vega says it's too late anyway.

Teri admits that she couldn't let her mother kill her friends, so she betrayed her, and Vega tells her that her father will be disappointed in her. This is news to Teri, who had always believed her father never left Atria. Finale revelations for everyone!

The Final Countdown

Roman finds the Iksen's Key as the showdown on the roof continues, but behind him, things are chaotic. Grayson points a gun at the guy grabbing Emery, and with 18 seconds left on the clock, Grayson is shot from behind by Zoe.

Emery runs to Grayson as Drake stabs Zoe, and with two seconds left on the clock, Roman manages to remove the Iksen's Key from the Suvek. But it's no use -- Zoe has a backup detonator in hand, and she sets it off with her dying breath.

And as Eric holds Julia in the building, and people nearby still celebrate, the Suvek raises into the air before letting out the electric pulse described in an earlier episode of Star-Crossed.

Last Moments

As the pulse emits, Taylor's car is flipped nearby, and it starts to catch fire around her as she screams for help and for Drake. Roman looks over the roof edge and sees a ton of people on the ground below, unmoving. But most important, Emery, on the roof behind him, isn't moving either.

He tries to revive her as Drake tries to help Grayson, and as Roman turns to watch the Suvek, he realizes it's not a bomb at all, but a signal. But for what?

On an Atrian ship somewhere in space, the signal reaches a man, possibly Teri's father, and he announces, "We found them." Their warships set a course for planet Earth and...

...That's it! That's the final scene! And with that, Star-Crossed ends, because the series wasn't renewed, so this season's cliffhanger becomes the final scene of the show ever. 

Unfortunately, we're left with a lot of unanswered questions, so Star-Crossed fans will just have to turn to the creators on Twitter or make up their own endings in the world of fan-fiction instead. 

What did you think of the finale of Star-Crossed? Are you upset the show was cancelled? Let us know in the comments below.

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