'Star-Crossed' Recap: An Anniversary to Remember
'Star-Crossed' Recap: An Anniversary to Remember
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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It's the 10th anniversary of Arrival Day on this week's Star-Crossed, but not everyone is content to sit at a memorial ceremony and mourn for what was lost.

Star-Crossed proves itself as a CW show within the first five minutes of this episode, with a shirtless Roman featured in the very first scene. He's having a racy dream about Teri, thanks to some sort of leaf she left under his pillow. 

It looks like she's trying to get an old relationship of theirs started again, but he's not interested. But I'm sure we'll still see plenty of shirtless Roman in the near future!

A Historic Day

Meanwhile, it's Julia's first day back at school, and all Emery seems to be able to talk about with her is ... Roman. I know the girl loves all things Atrian and all, but I feel like she'll get sick of that topic fast. 

As it turns out, the 10th anniversary of Arrival Day is in two days, and many have been invited to the base of the Atrian ship for a commemoration ceremony. In addition, some of the human students are invited to the Sector for the first time the day before the ceremony, a historic move for both sides. Surely that will go off without a hitch!

Emery's New Plan

Emery asks Gloria if she can use the Sector visit to ask Atrians about their Arrival Day stories, since the students have only ever really heard the human side of the story. She's given permission, despite the fact that Roman butts in, saying she shouldn't go as it's not safe for her there. Spoilsport.

Emery is given a camera to bring to the Sector, and Grayson volunteers to be her cameraman for the assignment. Because he's such a good friend and all and totally doesn't want to get in her pants or anything. 

Julia's Problem

Remember how Julia was cured thanks to Roman's miracle cyper magic? Well, it appears there was a side effect. When Roman touched her arm at the carnival during the previous episode, her veins glowed blue, and that creepy effect has spread to other parts of her body. Which is bad news if they're both looking to keep the whole thing a secret.

Roman goes to his uncle and tries to casually determine if there's a cure for Julia's newest problem, and finds out about another plant, vyre, which is supposed to reverse the blue glow-y effect. After Julia goes to Roman again and tells him the blue glow has almost reached her face, which he informs her is when it will become permanent, he decides to go to Teri for help, since her tribe is known for growing a variety of different plants.

But Teri is annoyed with Roman for brushing off he advances earlier and initially won't help him. Which is fine, because he's already got one girl chomping at the bit to be with him. Speaking of, does anyone else think Roman and Julia have moments of having even better chemistry than he and Emery? Just me?

In the Sector

Roman and Julia are able to have all of those interactions thanks to the human student's visit to the Sector, and thanks to Julia ditching her guard and Emery to meet up. Most of the students are broken up into groups of two and assigned a guard, and they explore the Sector that way.

Emery and Grayson get lots of footage for their video, but when Emery asks Roman if she can interview him and Sophia for it, he balks at the suggestion and tells her to worry about her own safety instead. But Sophia is much more friendly, and invites them to interview her in her pod when her mother isn't there.

The Interview

In her interview, Sophia is obviously hopeful about human/Atrian relations. She talks about her excitement regarding integration, and is generally very welcoming. 

Guys, I kind of have a bad feeling Sophia is going to die or be seriously wounded in the near future. It's just something I feel like these writers would pull to tug at our heartstrings even further.

Anyway, after the interview, Emery wanders around the pod and finds a star made out of some sort of craft material, and flashes back to it being made when she first met Roman. Sophia doesn't know about its origins, just that Roman seems to treasure it. 

Speaking of, Roman shows up soon after and he's pissed that Sophia did the interview. Or that Emery isn't with her guard. Or both. I don't know, but he's generally not happy with the proceedings. He gets them to leave, and Sophia shoots him a death glare. Such a little sister move.

Drake's Decision

Meanwhile, Drake is being generally angry about humans, again, throughout the episode, and his ire is noticed. He's brought to the Trags and pledges himself to their cause, but first, he's told he has to prove himself. Since he's one of the Atrians invited to the commemoration ceremony at the base of the Atrian ship, he's tasked with breaking in and setting in motion a plan to "lay waste" to the humans. 

Later, he's fighting with the guard who's in cahoots with Castor, and the guard is teaching him a few things about their warrior tribe. Drake asks him all sorts of questions, including how he got rid of his birthmarks, but the guard tells him the only question he should be asking is whether he's willing to kill for their cause. This all takes place while the two spar, and Drake is shown to have a lot to learn.

That guard later tells Castor about Drake, but Castor is more interested in whether he's been watching Emery and Roman. They've been staying apart, he reports, but Castor knows better. The spy asks him whether he should "take care" of Emery, but Castor says to leave that to him. This should end well.

Wall of the Missing

At some point after Sophia's interview, Grayson and Emery are watching Lukas play some game with the Atrians when Emery spots a little Atrian girl who caught her eye when the students arrived at the Sector. Curious, she follows the girl and brings her camera for good measure.

The little girl brings her to the Wall of the Missing, and tells her about her mother, who was lost on Arrival Day. The girl seems to think she's alive somewhere, and wants Emery to put her on video so she can give her mother a message. 

When Emery starts to be surrounded by Atrians, Castor shows up and tells her about the Wall, which depicts images of Atrians who were lost that day 10 years earlier, and acts as a memorial. But he also explains that some Atrians believe that their lost loved ones didn't, in fact, die but instead ran away to a place called Eljida. The thought gives them hope, he explains.

Castor also introduces himself and tries to find out more about Emery and Roman's relationship, but he doesn't get very far. Emery seems to think Roman wouldn't even think of them as friends, and she tells Castor so before running off again.

Searching for Vyre

After a conversation in which Roman explains to Julia that he's being a jerk to Emery to protect her (because that always works), he brings her to a greenhouse-esque building where he hopes to find vyre. But then Vega, Teri's mother, shows up, and he has just enough time to hide Julia before he's spotted.

Vega and some others from her tribe threaten Roman with a plant that could paralyze him if he doesn't explain why he's there, but before she goes too far, Teri shows up and Roman makes up that he was there to meet her for a date. 

It works, and Vega lets him go but also takes the time to warn Teri against him. Apparently, her destiny is to be part of the Trags, and her mother is the leader of the group. That adds a whole extra layer to all this drama!

The Cure

On the 10th anniversary of Arrival Day, many humans and Atrians alike gather at the commemoration for a ceremony. There, Teri gives Roman the vyre but warns him that no one knows how it could impact a human, since he let slip earlier that it was for one.

Roman gives it to Julia anyway, but not before suggesting that it may be too big of a risk. But Julia doesn't want to be a lab rat either, so she's willing to take the chance in order for others to not find out what's going on with her. She later gets into a car and eats it, gasping as the scene expands to show the car suddenly filling with blue light.

The Anniversary

Meanwhile, Emery's video is set to be shown to the assembled crowd, and Roman spots Drake sneaking off just before it's presented. But he's got other things to worry about because when the video is shown, just after Sophia's interview begins to play, the film is disrupted by a message from the Redhawks. 

Their video shows some of the uglier side to attitudes about human and Atrian relations, and Drake manages to sneak into a restricted area around the ship while those in charge of the ceremony, including Gloria, try to shut off the vitriol-filled film. 

But Roman saves the day by running up to the podium and starting to tell his own Arrival Day story. He explains that without a human girl saving him that day, he wouldn't be there, but that if he knew her then, they wouldn't be able to walk down the street together without judgment. Little do they all know!

But he has hope, he explains, that one day they will all be able to come together. It's all very heart-warming and seems to win over the crowd. 

Elsewhere, Teri has run off, I guess because she's figured out Roman's loyalties or feelings for Emery or something, I'm not sure, and she stops Drake from fighting with a guard he ran into while breaking into the ship. She tells him that she's decided to join the Trags and her mother and embrace her destiny. So that little bit of conflict for her lasted entirely ... one episode. Not even.


After the ceremony, Gloria commends Roman for his words, and gives a small speech to the press about the future success of the integration program. But not everyone is happy with the outcome.

Grayson's parents are present, and Emery eavesdrops on them in their car revealing that the video was their responsibility. His father, in fact, is the Grand Patriarch of the Redhawks. Of course, Grayson walks up right then and Emery is pissed, but he tries to convince her that he has nothing to do with the Redhawks. She doesn't believe him, which is probably going to make his plan to try to get with her a little more difficult. 

Roman is approached not long after by Drake and Teri, and they basically make it clear that they're no longer on the same side. It's a short interaction, but an important one.

But then Julia comes to him and tells him that the vyre worked. She's cured! She gives him a hug and thanks him, and I just really like their relationship, okay?

Drake's Reward

Vega is grateful that Drake convinced Teri to join the Trags, and rewards him by making him a full brother of the Trags. Which is currently his dream come true. Then she does some weird ritual in which she puts cyper into a container and it turns black, then into some sort of smoky substance.

She's not just doing this to show off, however. Vega then blows the smoky black cyper into the face of the guard that's been spying for Castor, and it burns his face and kills him. She reveals that she knew the man was a traitor, and that with Drake's help, they can release more of the Black Cyper on the humans. So that'll probably be an ongoing plot point for him.

Gloria's Secret

The final scene in this week's episode shows Gloria entering a secure facility, which is not unusual in and of itself. What is strange is when she enters a room, and a little boy who looks like an Atrian runs to her and embraces her.

Is this Gloria's son, and is he an Atrian? Half-Atrian? Is she an Atrian? Looks like we'll have to keep watching Star-Crossed to find out!

Star-Crossed airs every Monday night at 8pm on The CW.

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