10 Things to Know About 'Star-Crossed'
10 Things to Know About 'Star-Crossed'
The CW is introducing a futuristic Romeo and Juliet story with Star-Crossed. When a spacecraft crash-lands in a small town, so begins a fierce battle between humans and aliens (Atrians). On that day, Roman (an Atrian boy) meets Emery and there is a deep connection. However, Roman is quickly taken as the Atrians are forced to live in a well-guarded camp, separate from humans. Believing him to be dead, Emery is shocked when 10 years later Atrian teens enroll in her school, including Roman. Their connection is stronger than ever, but their two families fight for power that threatens their relationship. 

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 offered an exclusive first look at Star-Crossed and a panel discussion. Read on for the highlights.

Matt Lanter (Roman)
Aimee Teegarden (Emery)
Grey Damon (Grayson)
Adele Lim, Meredith Averill, and Josh Appelbaum (Executive Producers) 

1. A big focus of the show will be the integration of the school.

2. This CW show will have lots of action.

3. Don't worry, there'll be lots of cute guys, some with face and neck tattoos. And yes, their shirts come off.

4. Yes, there will be a love triangle between Emery, Roman and Grayson. As for shipper names? Matt Lanter didn't even know what the term meant. Aimee Teegarden thought Romry but it sounds like a dog. But what do you think of Emran?

5. While the relationship will be a focus, there will also be lots of fun Sci-Fi stuff.

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6. You don't see a lot of the spaceship in the pilot, but we will be going inside.

7. To learn more about the Atrians, there will likely be flashbacks to discover: was there a spaceship malfunction, sabotage? Was their planet dying?

8. Atrians don't pledge to the flag.

9. Atrians have healing powers and two hearts.

10. You won't see any iPhones on this show (or rather, Windows phones and Bing searches, this is The CW) as their technology is far beyond us.

Star-Crossed is a mid-season show but does not have a premiere date yet.

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