'Sons of Tucson'
'Sons of Tucson'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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First announced as a midseason replacement for American Dad! Sons of Tucson comes Former Malcolm in the Middle star Justin Berfield. On the show, a mother leaves a family in their house in Tucson. With their dad in prison, they hire Ron (Tyler Labine) to be their father. At first, they boys just need a father in specific situations, but then they find they have to keep Ron around because he is needed a lot.

Sons of Tucson
was canceled by Fox after only four episodes. Eleven aired out of the total 13 ordered.

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Matthew Levy plays the oldest of the brothers Brandon, the most confused, free-spirited and opinionated. Frank Dolce plays the middle child Gary, who is the mastermind of hiring Ron as their fake father. Benjamin Stockham plays the youngest, Robby, who is the most troublesome of the brothers.

On the pilot, the brothers try to avoid ending up in foster care after their father is sent to prison by hiring Ron Snuffkin to pretend to be their dad. The original deal is only to sign then up for school, but when a fire erupts at a school festival, they find themselves in need of his services again. For his part, Ron tries to use his new "family" to mend a rift with his grandmother that involves a loan shark. He soon talks the boys into a more long term arrangement.

On the series finale of Sons of Tucson, which aired August 1, the boys force Ron to choose between them and his girlfriend, and when Ron chooses the girl, the boys choose a less than adequate substitute.

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