'Sons Of Anarchy' Finale Recap: Not to Be
'Sons Of Anarchy' Finale Recap: Not to Be
As it turns out, not everyone is who they said they were. Or may I call it a deus ex machina? In any event, on this week's Sons of Anarchy finale, Luis Torres and Romero Parada have been working with the CIA all along.

Hidden Identities, Part I

The government is subsidizing one Cartel to eliminate another. So Lincoln Potter and his carefully constructed Rico operation has to pack up and go home because the CIA needs the deal with the Irish to go through. But (surprise!) the Irish, when they show up, don't want to deal with Jax and the Cartel but only with Clay. 

However, as you might remember, he is ... shall we say, tied up elsewhere? So the Irish won't go through with the deal for the time being. "It's not only about making it work, it's about trust," they say. And they are right to think that. 

 Hidden Identities, Part II 

When Jax meets under six eyes with Luis and Romero, they show him their true colors and flash their CIA badges. They need Jax to make sure Clay gets well soon. And that just after Tara showed him how to kill Clay and make it look like a natural death! But if he doesn't bring Clay back on board to make that all-important deal with the Irish, they will give Rico the green light, which means an end to SAMCRO.

And as we know, Potter has more than enough to indict everyone. On Luis and Romero's wish list you can further find that Jax has to keep all of this for himself and should take over the presidency of the club. And thus, season 5's main conflict might have already been set up. 

Alpha Males 

Jax pays Clay a little visit at the hospital but it's not as cathartic a scene as we have seen with other big showdowns so far this season. Jax could kill him easily but in the end he just decides to lay the cards out on the table, tell Clay everything he knows, force him to step down as president, make him steer clear of Gemma and Tara, and makes it very clear that the old man is only being kept alive by the graces of Jax.

I beg to differ, mister Jax! Season 5 has already been announced! Clay will be back! But it's good to see that the show, short of killing Clay, at least will make it very difficult for him to have any say in the near future. 

 Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

And then Jax tells everything to Tara. Their grand plan to leave Charming forever after the deal with the Irish went through obviously won't happen and Jax tells her exactly why. But he also prompts her to just leave. Get out of the Club's corrupting immediate circle, get the kids and give them a better life without violence, lies and death. 

But by the end of the episode, the new grande dame tells Jax that she won't go anywhere. Aaah, Tara. Ever the inconsistent character and plot device! 


By the way, Tara tells Jax that she'll stay at "church meeting." Jax had previously met up with Opie who had been absent from most of last week's episode and this week's season finale, and broke the news to him that Clay did indeed kill Piney. But when it came to Jax's staying in Charming and taking over the Son's presidency, the prodigal son wasn't as eager to disclose everything. 

"I need you to trust me," he tells Opie. "I'll tell you everything. I just need to do it at the right time." Opie's answer? "In my book, that's lying!" And he has a point. So it's no wonder that he hasn't shown up to the Club house by the end of the episode to vote for Jax appointing himself as President of the Club. Which also means that the episode left a lot of questions unanswered.

So what say you, audience? Satisfied with this finale? Frustrated? It was definitely a less weighty finale than seasons past, but it also did a good job setting up season 5. What do you think will happen with Clay? With Jax? And with Potter for that matter? Happy how Juice got off the hook? And do you find it believable that Tara would make such a 180? Fire away in the comments!

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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