'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Scarlet Letters
'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Scarlet Letters
Going Rogue

Clay's not dead. Let's get that out of the way right from the start. He is badly hurt though, of course, and Jax, in the heat of the moment, comes up with a cover story for the shooting that is supposed to deescalate but, in fact, achieves just the opposite. Some black guys are supposed to be the perps, and that's exactly what Unser tells the Sheriff and what sets of Tig to go rogue. Later, Jax promises Opie to find out the truth. "Great that's what I need," answers Opie. "Another promise." Meanwhile, Tig wreaks all kinds of havoc. For example, he runs over (and kills) Leroy's girlfriend with a stolen car. Smart move, that. "You're gonna start a war!" Jax tells him. "I don't give a sh*t," is Tig's answer. That's pretty much in-character.

Flippin' Out

Don't forget, the deal with the Irish is still on. The only problem is, a little birdie tells Jax that Otto might have flipped. Which means the feds could be watching them and just waiting on the deal to go down in order to close in on the Club and the Cartel. But somehow that information is debunked (although we know it's true of course) and the deal is good to go.


Being that we're in full-on MacBeth/Hamlet territory this week, we get an intense face-off between Gemma and Jax. And this time, there's no cop out. Grizzly Mama dishes out everything. How John Teller wanted to get out of the gun business, how Clay's greed made him kill John, how Clay took the President seat away from the family, how he killed Piney, how he tried to do the same with Tara because she had the letters - she spares him nothing (except for her and Unser's involvement in JT's death, of course). And then, the inevitable: she urges Jax to kill Clay and take his seat, keeping him, his sons and Tara in Charming for good.

What Now?

But wait! Didn't Jax just tell Tara that despite Clay being shot, he wanted to go through with their plan and get his "goddamn family" out of charming after the deal with the Irish went through? Well, as it turns out, Tara gives him the means to kill Clay. By giving him a syringe and telling him how to make it look like a natural death. "I'm smarter than you," she tells Gemma right before. Is she really? Jax promises her that he will "drive her out of this poisonous town" right after killing Clay. But will he be able to resist the Son's (and Gemma's) pull? "What are you doing?" asks a desperate Gemma. What will he do now indeed?

What do you think? How will the finale turn out? Is Jax going to stay in town? Could the series go on without him and Clay? Tune in next week to find out in the season finale!

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