'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Everyone's Gotta Lie Sometimes
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Everyone's Gotta Lie Sometimes
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
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SAMCRO's implosion continues as they learn of a rat at the table, Gemma gets caught in her lies and Jax discovers Clay's deception. The Sons should really consider changing names to "Backstabbers Anonymous". It's an episode with plenty of depth, with plots set in motion which would make Machiavelli's head spin.

Gemma Swears She Didn't Inhale

It all starts with everyone cleaning up messes. Paramedics haul Gemma and grandkids from their car crash to the hospital, and Jax loads his attacker's body into Tara's car. Boy, who knew that minivan's roomy trunk is perfect for hauling kid toys and carcasses. After dismembering and dispatching his would-be assassin's hands off for identification, Jax and Tara check on Abel. 

They arrive at the emergency room and lies start flying. Clay covers up Gemma's ganja use claiming she got run off the road as well. Aww, cute! He truly still loves her. Jax hears back the second shooter's location and sets out intending on giving him a stern talking to. Oh, and probably kill the guy or something. Reasonable. 

Don't Take My Wife, Please!

Enter Gemma's next visitor: Nero. For once in her life she doesn't spin the truth. She confesses making a poor decision by getting behind the wheel after smoking so much weed Cypress Hill would be jealous. It's kind of weird that she can lie her ass off to Jax but tells a scorned lover the truth, though I suppose that's still within the realm of possibility. 

Tender Moments All Around

Meanwhile the Sons track down their man with help from Pope. They have a nice little heart to heart, and he politely informs them Clay's Nomad henchman Frankie Diamonds greenlit Jax. For this helpful tidbit, he's thanked with bullets from SAMCRO's El Presidente. The stare Chibs gives Jax following this brutal killing is one of the episode's priceless moments.

Juice and Clay also bond over secrets. Noticing Roosevelt and the almost - snitch's earlier interactions, Juice finally reveals stealing that brick of blow last season. Clay's touched, and lets slip the fact he sent Nomads to off Unser. Then the eldest son waxes philosophical that "everyone's done something" betraying the club. Certainly that line won't turn out to be an important plot point we'll come back to later or anything.

Everything Unravels At The End

Things proceed with furious pacing. Frankie ambushes Jax and Chibs at Nero's whorehouse, reveals Clay was behind the home invasions, steals 200 grand and kidnaps the Irishman. Tara learns Gemma was smokin' dat dank and promptly kicks her out of her family's life. Roosevelt reveals someone in the MC's working with the federales. I'm glued to the TV so hard blinking becomes impossible. 

Luckily Frankie lets Chibs go (mostly) unscathed. Everything ends with Jax setting one helluva plan in motion. He goes to Gemma. Tells her she has two options: get out of his life, or get back together with Clay to spy on him. So ummmm... yeah. Jax's plan basically comes down to pimping out his own mother. Anyone else feel dirty and need a shower? 

Most of the backstabbing backstabbers have been revealed at this point. Well, all except for one. The rat. My gut tells me it's Chibs. Remember Clay's line about how everyone's done something against SAMCRO? Right now Chibs is the only one we know of with fairly clean hands, and the club's changed so much it's unrecognizable from the one he joined. Could he be the fed's mole? Who do you think it is? Let's hear your thoughts.

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