'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Free Nero
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Free Nero
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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So, guys. Do you think it can get any crazier than it did last week? Did Tara seriously fake her pregnancy? Do you think she's still planning to divorce Jax? Or does this put her in enough control of the family to happily stay put?

I think we're about to dive a little deeper into Tara's devious plan. Let's go.

The Next Day

Jax brings a sleeping and "recovering" Tara some tea. She's refusing to eat. She insists that she stays home and rests. He's very loving and trying his best to make her feel better. She asks him what he's going to do about Gemma. He tells her not to worry, the restraining order protects them, and that he has no plans to bail her out of jail.

Eli brings Gemma some coffee while she hangs out in jail. He presses her for her statement. Gemma lays out the reality of her situation. She's a "dirty biker whore with a record." Tara is "the good doctor." Eli still wants her to tell him what happened, regardless of how it'll look to a judge. Gemma goes through the events we saw last week. When he asks why she would frame Gemma, and risk causing her own miscarriage, Gemma tells him that Tara was probably never pregnant. Strangely, I think Eli puts a lot of faith in Gemma's word.

Wendy is sitting in her car crying as a drug dealer walks up and she hands him a wad of cash. Uh oh.

Unser pays Tara a visit at home. He hovers a bit, without saying anything. He knows what she did. He's puzzled by why she would be willing to harm her own baby, just to protect her other children and keep Gemma away. She says she would never harm her own baby. He seems to understand what she is and isn't saying. He wants her to set things straight. He's disappointed by her actions, and refuses to help her with anything else.

Trouble for the Club

Jax heads to their temporary club home and the guys hand him a newspaper. He wants everyone in the chapel, immediately. Then we see the headline, "Local Gangs Tied to Count of Aquino Shooting". The DA hands the same paper to Nero. Clearly she has been feeding this "speculation" to the press. With this, she can increase her local police presence, so they can keep a closer eye on the club. And then pounce on any misstep they make with the law. She urges Nero to make up his mind about her offer. Because things are about to get sh***y for everyone.

When Unser visits Eli, Eli seems to see past the general curiosity and suspects that Unser knows more than what he's willing to share. He asks Unser what he would do, if he were still in active duty. Unser says that since Tara isn't pressing charges, he would let Gemma go and leave it as a family issue. Let them work it out, but keep an eye on them. Eli isn't sure how he's going to handle it. But he's not ready to cut Gemma loose. Unser warns him that ripping the club apart would be a mistake. The town would unravel without them. Hmm....think Eli buys that?

The guys check on Nero's guys in the midst of the headline and with Nero behind bars. Jax offers his help, but warns them to stay on their best behavior and to stay quiet. Their conversation is being watched by a guy in a powder blue car. They think it's an undercover cop.

That theory changes when the guy stomps on the gas and runs down the current number two guy from Nero's crew. The current leader of the crew is screaming and is a mess, seeing his friend dead in the street. Jax wants them to clean up the body and leave right away. Chibs tells Jax to head home, be with Tara, and that they'll handle this mess. Nero needs to find a way out of there if he wants his crew to stay alive.

Gemma's Next Move

Unser gives Gemma a ride home. She thinks Unser knows the truth. She begs him to tell her. He says Tara is just doing what she would do, to protect her family. She starts to suggest that the pregnancy was bull when Unser shuts her up with some truth bombs. He tells her she has good in her. Deep, sweet love, that he was seen. But it's so wrapped in secrets and hate that he doesn't think she could even find it anymore. He maintains that he doesn't know anything, but that he does know that she needs to back off when it comes to the boys.

Tara's New Guilt

Lowen visits Tara and lets her know that the restraining order will be served to Gemma that day. She watches her carefully. She tries to get Tara to admit the truth, but Tara dodges her questions by giving her a check and telling her to see herself out.

When Jax gets home, Tara isn't there. Barofsky calls him on a burner phone and fills Jax in on the DA's threats. He wants him to find the driver so he can deliver him to the DA. When he ends the call, Wendy knocks on the front door. This is the first time that they've been face to face during this whole mess. She wants to check on Tara. Jax tells her to leave. It seems like she's about to crack and tell him everything, but she doesn't. She just wants their son to grow up without hate in his heart. She says she's tired of being hated. Then she leaves.

Tara goes to the new club space to visit Jax. Seems strange, but okay. Because he went home to see her, he obviously isn't there. But Bobby pulls her out back to chat and share a joint. He offers his help if she needs anything. Then she asks if Bobby believes Jax can find legitimate business for the club. He says he believes in Jax, and anything is better than the direction they were heading in. When she goes to leave, Bobby tells her not to give up on him. That he's the kind of guy that needs to be with someone. And that he doesn't have a chance of succeeding in this new role without her.

What does this tease? That she's having second thoughts about leaving? That if she does leave, he'll move on? Perhaps, back to Wendy?

To be honest, I don't want her to leave. I want them to stay together in this violent, miserable love story. I think they need each other enough to endure anything.

The DA Applies Pressure

Barofsky stops by the DA's office. She threatens to take away his precious port kingdom by rezoning the town and the jurisdiction. He scoffs and says it's just a threat. She already knows about the hit and run that happened earlier in the day, and tells him he needs find out who was there or it'll go from just a threat to a heads up.

Nero calls the DA in without his lawyer present. He says he's ready to give up the source of the KG9. He demands that his son is transferred to into the best medical facility in the state. And he wants to be transferred somewhere near him, so he can visit. The DA tells him that if he cooperates, he won't be in prison. Nero insists that he will, because he is the KG9 source. TWIST. He bought the gun off the street, the club was never involved, and he is the one responsible for the deaths of those children.

Back at the DA's office, Eli delivers the DNA results from Toric's motel room. It confirms that he is the one that killed the escort. But that doesn't matter anymore. Because Nero already confessed to the gun charge in the shooting. Eli isn't okay with her methods, even though she's able to justify it by making sure Nero's son is taken care of. Eli leaves, disgusted.

Hit and Run

Jax meets the guys at the location of the mystery hit and run car. They're ready to make a move and deliver this guy to the DA. Jax calls Barofsky in an attempt to have him deliver the intel to the DA. Let her handle this guy. That works, until Nero's guys approach the house, clearly loooking for vengeance. NOT GOOD. As the DA's team is probably on their way now, and Nero's guys are about to kill whoever this is, with the club present as witnesses.

They bust into the house, guns drawn. Jax and the guys follow, trying to stop them. The guy attacks with a knife and Nero's guys knock him to the ground. Jax sees a picture of a child on the floor. One of the shooting victims at the school. Jax convinces Nero's guys to leave him alone. That the cops are on their way, and they'll likely get busted for this death too. They leave, saddened for the loss of this child.

When the cops arrive, the guy is still holding his knife. The cops tell him to drop it. He stands and stabs himself in the throat and falls to the ground. No further answers out of this guy. When the DA arrives, she sees the picture and understands the motive.

Oh, Wendy

Gemma visits Wendy at home. Wendy is clearly scared, but is also exhausted by her constant fear and asks Gemma to do whatever she's going to do. Gemma wants the truth, even though she clearly already knows the truth. She offers Wendy a future out. Once Jax finds out what Tara really did, he'll come after Wendy for being involved. Gemma tells her that if she can help Gemma prove to Jax what really happened, she'll make sure Jax doesn't kill her. Wendy gives her back her gun, and asks her to dispose of the drugs she bought earlier. Gemma says she'll have to do that herself.

Final Confrontations

Barofsky meets with Jax and he fills him in on the hit and run resolution. Barofsky says he'll keep playing her game, but will protect them too. Jax voices his regret over killing Alice. Barofsky says he shouldn't worry about it, and won't use it against him. Unless he has to.....

Jax and Gemma come face to face at the hospital. She tries to tell him what happened, but he won't even listen to it. He tells her she'll never see Tara again. She'll never see the boys again. "Grandma is dead."

Wendy sits at her table and shoots up. This poor junkie. Misery follows her everywhere.

Nero gets a visit from the DA. He doesn't want to sign the deal for his son without his lawyer. The folder she hands him contains the crime scene photos of the slain children from the shooting. She urges him to do the right thing for these kids. He keeps his story. She says he doesn't need it because Toric killed the escort. She wants him to think about those kids and encourages him to do the right thing by them and tell the truth. Then he releases him from prison as a free man.

YAY, Nero!

Back at the Teller residence, Jax and Tara tuck the kids in. He asks her if she ever regrets coming back to Charming. She says she'd do things differently, but no. He says he feels the distance between them, and he blames himself. He begs her to let him back in.

Could it be? Is the love between them coming back? I guess we'll have to find out next time. 

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX. 

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