'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Bobby Returns With a Request
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Bobby Returns With a Request
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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The clubhouse stands in ruins. Water dripping from the ceiling of every collapsed room. Jax and Chibs wander around silently, before Jax has to take a seat and tell Chibs that this whole thing is his fault. Somehow the gavel is untouched. Chibs hands it to Jax and tells him that they're going to set this straight.

The further they head into this battle with the Irish, the more their loved ones will be at risk. But they can't just let it go either....

Ready for more action? Let's go.

The Aftermath

Eli knows that this is the work of the IRA. Jax obviously can't admit that though. He tells Eli that he's trying to end this relationship and get the club on the right track. Add Eli to the list of people that sees right through that statement. He gets called back to the station to deal with a very angry Gemma trying to see a locked up Nero.

Gemma throws a fit at the station, shoves two cops, and gets herself put in Nero's cell with him. The charges for the dead hooker's murder have been put against him. I think Nero is officially fed up with this BS too. An explosion and a murder charge within 24 hours. Fun times in Charming. Gemma tells him that she doesn't want him to leave. She wants to find a way to be with him if he decides he's done with the club, while being there for her family as well.

For now, the guys are meeting at Gemma's house. Tara and the boys are there too. Jax takes a call from the Kings and Galen on speaker. They are looking to discuss their "peace terms". If the club doesn't agree to the terms, they plan to blow up every clubhouse along the California coast. They want Clay to run the guns from now on. The club needs to make sure their customers are on board with that. They get out of guns, receive no profit, and move forward. Jax and boys agree to this.

They decide to hit the road and meet with other charters to spread the word. Jax asks Gemma to deliver the message of the new terms to Clay while they're gone. And to keep an eye on Tara.

Tara goes to the hospital with Unser and drops the boys off at daycare. She lets Unser in on her plan to divorce Jax and ask for full custody. She tells him about Wendy. Wendy shows up at that moment for her scheduled playdate with Abel. He seems to regret his offer to help for a moment, but I think he knows this is the right thing for the kids.

Eli Defends Nero

Eli meets with the DA to fill her in on the explosion. He pulls her aside to tell her that he thinks Nero was framed. She has no interest in searching for the truth if there's enough facts to put him away. Especially if she can use that to take the club down later. Eli seems annoyed. Maybe he'll come through for the club in the end? I hope he at least finds a way to free Nero. #FreeNero

Stop in Eden

On their road trip, the boys get pulled over in a place called Eden. The cops are on a power trip and treat the guys like trash. They make up some crap about needing to make sure the after market parts on their bikes aren't stolen and tell them they have a flatbed coming to haul the bikes away. Juice has no patience for this and exchanges words with the little cop. The guy who clearly enjoys carrying a gun and sporting a badge because there's something in his life that's seriously lacking. He cuffs Juice to his bike and shoots a bullet through Juice's tire.

Cue scuffle.

Both cops end up with their own guns pointed at them. Juice steals one of their bikes since his has a flat and they head back out on the road just as back up arrives. A high speed chase and some impressive moves from Juice sends the back up car and the stolen cop bike crashing over the cliffside.

They make it to next clubhouse and Bobby is there. Jax is icy when they greet each other. Bobby asks Jax for some time to speak privately after the meeting. Jax agrees and heads inside while the rest of the boys jump giddily all over Bobby.

Gemma meets Clay and tells him about the explosion and the deal. He agrees to it.

Jax is at the head of the table at the neighbor club. He talks a little bit about his father. His father's fear and doubts at the end of his life. He assures the group that he has no doubts about the club. He's not going anywhere. He wants them to earn a living legitimately. He offers his support, and warns them about the danger of staying in guns, and the financial hit they'll take if they get out of guns. As he speaks, every member at the table nods in approval. This is president Chibs has wanted Jax to be. Maybe Bobby too.

The DA Proceeds With Her Plan

Gemma heads back to the police station to try and clear Nero's name once again, and to fill Eli in on just how Otto and Clay were treated and threatened by Toric. She shares that info with the DA as well. When Gemma leaves, Eli nudges the DA again about Nero being set up. She wants Toric's hotel room searched before she drops the murder charges. They find a strong smell of bleach, needles, meds, guns, and two bullet holes in the floor. She doesn't want to drop the murder charges until the DNA results from the carpet are in though.

Tara calls Jax from the hospital and tells him her ultrasound went well. The explosion didn't hurt the baby. He tells her this one must be a girl. And how she'll be strong and beautiful just like her mother. This hits her. In a way she wasn't expecting. Could there still be enough love between them? Lowen shows up after she hangs up with Jax and tells her she has a meeting right now with the DA. Apparently she wants to offer Tara a deal.

The offer the DA gives Tara is simple. And not what she was hoping for. She gets full immunity and safety for her and the boys if she rats on Jax and provides proof of the gun running. Tara turns it down.

Hey, Bobby!

Bobby and Jax have their meeting. Jax is ready for him to patch out as a Nomad. But, that's not what Bobby wants. This whole time he ha been recruiting new members for SAMCRO. He has three. Jax looks like he's about to cry. Bobby tells him that they'll ride back to Charming together. They hug. And now I'm about to cry.

Nero's New Friend

Gemma visits Diosa to check in while Nero is shipped off to county. She is greeted with a new face. A visitor of Nero's. It's the trans lady from a few seasons ago, used to blackmail that shady mayor. She tells Gemma the story of how Nero saved her growing up. Gemma comforts her and lets her cry in her arms.

Fun at the Chop Shop

The boys head to the chop shop the cops mentioned earlier to look for Juice's bike. They find it, in rough shape. They force the guy there to call the crooked cops and have them come by. Once they arrive, Jax threatens to blow their cover on the "stolen bikes" that are right in front of them in the chop shop, gets Juice a brand new bike from the bunch, and tells them to make sure none of what happened earlier comes back to bite them. Jax also forces them to apologize to each of the guys, individually.

These outlaws might not have a clubhouse, but at least they're all back together.

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