'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Enemies Approach From All Sides
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Enemies Approach From All Sides
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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Okay, guys. I've been thinking a lot about last week's episode since it aired and I feel utterly humiliated that I didn't instantly pick up on the fact that Wendy and Tara must be in cahoots. Right? They have to be! The makeup on Wendy's neck? Just because we haven't seen them interact, doesn't mean it isn't happening. Especially since Lowen told Tara to get Wendy in place as the guardian right away.

And based on the scenes for this episode, I think a lot more crazy sh** is about to unfold. Let's do this, SAMCRO.

Oh. Hey, Tig.

Tig shows up at Jax's house first thing in the morning. Oh hey, Tig! You're alive. That's a relief. He's there to deliver a message from August. That Clay is in Gen Pop and he needs to talk to Jax about it. Uh, what? Why is Tig delivering August's messages? How did he escape that encounter? Did he make a deal against the club? Tig says that's all that happened, asks if he and Jax are "good", to which Jax says they are, and then leaves.

Jax meets with August to basically say, "WTF?" August tells him that it "wasn't his time yet." August has more interest in taking on the Irish gun deal now and tells Jax to make it happen, and Tig's debt will be considered paid.

Unser's Unfortunate Encounter

Poor Unser. Just minding his own business in his trailer. Trying to get by in the parking lot of the club. This morning he awakens with some discomfort and goes to smoke one of his medical joints to ease the pain when a group of giant masked white dudes attacks him and drag him out onto the pavement.

Gemma arrives at the club and sees that Unser's trailer door is wide open. She calls to him a few times with no response back. When she heads inside, she finds him tied and badly cut on his abdomen in the garage.

Tara is fixing Unser up when Jax arrives. They believe it's a "Nazi problem" based on the neck tattoo that Unser saw. I've watched every season of this show and I gotta tell you, it's hard to keep track of their friends and enemies.

Unser asks Gemma what would've happened if he had the boys? And once they find the guys who did this, then what? He seems as sick of the senseless violence as Tara is. They're interrupted when Gemma gets a phone call. It's Wendy. She's telling Gemma that Lowen contacted her about the guardianship. She's acting surprised and says she needs to talk to Gemma about it. They plan to meet at Gemma's place. Hmm.. Maybe Wendy and Tara aren't in cahoots? If that's the case, then what is Wendy's game here? To get back with Jax?

Nero In Trouble

Over at Diosa, Eli is there to question Nero about the murder of his escort, aka Toric's dead hooker. They have a warrant to search his truck and they take him down to the station for questioning. When Nero leaves, Toric is leaning against his car, watching. Eli eyes him suspiciously, which makes me hopeful that maybe he'll eventually start looking into the way Toric does things. I hate that Nero is getting framed for this.

Nero gives Eli his whereabouts during the time of the escort's murder. He's honest and patient, even when Eli clearly doesn't believe him and tells him to confess. Leave this gentle pimp alone. He's a good guy now!

Eli asks him to wait at the station until they're done checking his truck. Nero tells him that Toric was at Diosa the night before the murder, chatting with the victim. And also that two of his guys were roughed up by Toric and had their teeth smashed in. Good. Give him more pieces to the puzzle and let the investigation come back on Toric.

Irish Issues

The guys meet at the table with a couple guys from the charter they were going to hand the guns over to. They are here to say, 'no thanks' to the gun deal. Their table voted it down. They talk about the Nazis and how Darby must know what's going on. Ah, good old Darby. They agree to pay him a visit and then deal with the IRA.

When the meeting is over, Chibs pulls Jax aside for a private chat. Chibs is sick of the decisions Jax is making without consulting anyone else. Jax says he's doing what's best for the club, given their fragile state at the moment. Chibs says he sounds just like Clay. Ouch. Hit him where it hurts, Chibs.

Time for another Irish chat. Doesn't go well. Jax refuses the additional order of KG9s and says that it's time for them to see other people. Galen gives him an evil grin and everyone departs by way of an Irish goodbye. How fitting. 

Wendy + Tara?

Wendy gives Gemma all of the info she has on Tara and Lowen. She warns Gemma about Tara. Saying that with how disconnected she seems, she's almost scary. And how Tara knows that Gemma is her biggest obstacle to getting the boys out of Charming.

Tara and Wendy are in a meeting with Lowen at the hospital. Wendy gave her full written testimony detailing the history of violence she dealt with, even before her and Jax were together. Here we go, guys! It's true! Wendy tells Tara that she said everything Tara wanted her to say. Tara is pleased with this.

Unser walks in unannounced at one point, checking on Thomas. Tara covers her tracks a bit in the hallway with him when Gemma shows up to take the boys home. Now that Unser knows a little something about this, will he keep quiet?

Oh. Hey, Darby.

Darby takes the guys to the location where the Nazis are. Tig and the prospect pretend to be a father and son looking to join and unleash their hate. Their act is working until Darby and Juice are dragged in by another member. The prospect pulls his gun on one of the guys and gets the others to drop theirs. They escape with that member in the truck. He threatens to go after Darby and his new wife for his involvement in this. Darby kicks him in the face and throws him off the truck into the dirt.

When Jax checks on Darby, Juice and Tig fill them in on the hiccup in the plan. Jax feels terrible and offers protection. In the middle of that discussion, the adorable, big prospect Phil calls and says that the Irish are at the warehouse with a delivery. Jax says he's on his way. Phil relays this message to Galen right before Galen shoots him in the head. They shoot the other club member as well. Galen rolls up sleeves and asks his guy for 'the saw'. Yikes.

Toric In Trouble

Gemma bursts into the police station like a proper, protective old lady. She tells Eli that Nero is a good guy that would never hurt a woman. When the truck comes back with evidence of blood, fabric, and hair from the victim, Eli isn't convinced. He can see it. He knows that Nero didn't kill her. He requests the complete file on Toric.

Anyone else smirking with satisfaction? Toric's going to get his, and I'm looking forward to watching it happen.

Speaking of the hooker-murdering-devil, Toric pays a visit to Clay. He still needs his cooperation to rat on the club. Toric vows to make CLay miserable every day he refuses to sign the agreement.

Eli lets Nero go, but asks him to leave his truck a little longer. Nero is suspicious, but okay with it. Nero is exhausted by all of the drama he's had to deal with since partnering with the club.

Toric arranges a meeting between Otto and Clay. Otto is in the infirmary, and not doing well. Clay approaches, apologizes for everything, and hugs him. Otto sobs and nods in agreement. Clay slips Otto his knife. Will Otto use it on himself? At this point, it seems like the only relief he'd be able to get. But who knows. Toric threatens Clay with the same visitors that Otto has been receiving, but Clay still doesn't sign.

Fallen Prospects

The saw gets used to dismember them and he leaves only their hands placed on the backs of their club jackets in the entryway of the warehouse. Jax decides it's time to return to the Nazi house and settle the score. If this is the only justice they can get today, then they'll do at least this. Chibs disagrees and thinks the club needs a breather. 

Death Toll Rising

The fellas go on their afternoon Nazi hunt and kill every member at the house. Jax tells them to then wipe down their guns, unload the rest of the KG9s that Irish unloaded on them, and then burn the house down. "Make it look like an internal beef."

Toric visits Otto alone. Since he can't convince Clay to rat, he's going for Otto. He asks Otto to give him something, anything he can use against Clay. Otto writes something on the pad of paper. Toric is thrilled. Until he reads it. It's not appropriate to quote here, but something about his sister's blood tasting good. This sets Toric off and he attacks Otto. But Otto has the knife! And boy does he use it. He stabs Toric in the gut over and over until Toric falls to the ground.

Final Montage

Jax sits alone at the table. Chibs and Tig come in with a new IRA plan. Prison guards enter the infirmary, where Otto has Toric with the knife to his throat. He slits his throat and the guards shoot Otto several times in the chest. As gruesome as it is, I feel like they both finally have some peace. Tara takes care of Unser. The guys have a burial/burning for the members they lost. Nero and Gemma tuck the kids in. The DA sees Toric in his body bag.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX. 

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