'Sons of Anarchy' Preview: 'Andare Pescare'
'Sons of Anarchy' Preview: 'Andare Pescare'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Last Tuesday's Sons of Anarchy ended with much left up in the air. Chibs was left for dead on the side of the road, Frankie Diamonds was on the run, Jax collaborated with Eli, and Gemma was left with a difficult decision to make. In "Andare Pescare" (which means to go fishing in Italian), these issues are resolved to varying levels of success.

Spoiler alert: This preview contains some Sons of Anarchy spoilers for tonight's episode. I don't reveal any huge spoilers, but read at your own risk.

With Frankie Diamonds on the lam, SAMCRO decides to track him down. Jax calls for a club vote to determine what to do with him once they find him. Regardless of the vote, Jax has to consider his deal with Eli to turn over Frankie for information about the rat. Nothing goes as planned during the club's run.

Here are some other highlights of the episode:

  • Abel is adorable when he wakes up with Jax at the hospital.
  • Nero wants to spend more time with Gemma.
  • Chibs is found on the side of the road with a head wound. From the above picture, it's obvious that he's generally okay.
  • Jax enlists Bobby's help to deal with a situation without the club's knowledge.
  • Carla reappears ... sorta.
  • Tara sees Otto again. He has a request that's personal, but not as sexually intrusive as his last request.
  • Tara's visit with Otto sticks with her in a disturbing way.
  • Bobby confronts Clay.
  • Gemma makes a decision about Jax's demand.
  • Jax and Eli meet to discuss their deal.
  • As has become the norm, there's violence and killing.
"Andare Pescare" sets the stage for an epic upheaval at SAMCRO, both within the club itself and personally for the members.

Check out the trailer for "Andare Pescare."

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on FX.

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