'Sons of Anarchy' Interview: Ron Perlman and Maggie Siff on Difficulties Facing Clay and Tara in Season 6
'Sons of Anarchy' Interview: Ron Perlman and Maggie Siff on Difficulties Facing Clay and Tara in Season 6
Carla Day
Carla Day
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When Sons of Anarchy season 6 begins both Clay and Tara are in prison for killings that they didn't do, though their paths will be very different.

Ron Perlman and Maggie Siff spoke with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con regarding their characters' journeys this season. They will be fighting for survival. Clay's life is on the line, while Tara struggles to save herself and protect her boys.

Check out the full video interviews from Ron Perlman and Maggie Siff.

Ron Perlman interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • "Redemption." - At the beginning of the season, Clay begins to accept that his run is coming to an end. Not just as president, husband, or step-father, but his run in general. He's decided to start to put his house in order.
  • Clay has a $5 million bounty on his head. "He's at a place where that could happen the minute he walks in that door."
  • The premiere will be what that moment looks like for Clay.
  • "I can't afford to think about any character I play as a bad guy or good guy." 
  • "Clay is a guy that considers himself - 'I'll do anything to keep my family together. Keep us whole, independent, autonomous and at no one's disposal.'"

Maggie Siff interview

Highlights of the interview:

  • Tara never falls apart. She's in prison for a couple days when the season begins. She's spent the time "plotting how the hell she's going to get out of there."
  • Everything happens so quickly that Tara doesn't have time for regrets. "One disaster after another, so they're in constant survival mode."
  • Now that she has the children, she can't regret her decisions. "Her love for Jax never goes away." Her priorities are different now because of her boys.
  • "Her priorities are insuring a future for her sons that is different than the fate of their father." She thinks that she has to do it alone. Jax is too involved with the club.
  • Tara and Jax's relationship doesn't resolve itself or explode. It just brews beneath the surface. They do love each other.
  • "Gemma is always trying to inch in."
  • Tara and Gemma will come to a head. Gemma wants her family to remain with her, while Tara wants to get out.
  • Lee Toric continues to cause trouble.
  • Tara gets allies wherever she can get them in season 6. Wendy will be around and isn't an adversary of Tara's.

Sons of Anarchy season 6 premieres on Tuesday, September 10 at 10 pm ET on FX.

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(Image and video: Carla Day.)