'Sons of Anarchy' Interview: Kurt Yaeger talks SAMCRO, the Robberies, and Clay's Involvement
'Sons of Anarchy' Interview: Kurt Yaeger talks SAMCRO, the Robberies, and Clay's Involvement
Carla Day
Carla Day
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In season 5, Sons of Anarchy added three new Nomad members to SAMCRO, including Greg "the Peg," played by Kurt Yaeger. During the robbery at Gemma's place, it was revealed that Greg was one of the robbers, but the motivation of these former Nomad members wasn't made clear until last Tuesday in "Small World."

Yaeger started acting a decade ago after spending years of participating in BMX biking events, which he still does today. He also has loved riding motorcycles since an early age. While in college, Yaeger suffered severe injuries from a motorcycle crash that involved a year recovery and the loss of his leg.

While Yaeger's prosthetic leg made him a perfect fit for the role of Greg "the Peg," he auditioned for the role and ultimately was cast. Yaeger was a fan of Sons of Anarchy and "was completely blown away" and honored by the opportunity to join the show.

During our interview last week, Yaeger discussed the addition of the Nomads to SAMCRO, the robberies, the big reveal that Clay was behind their robberies, and what to expect next.

The Nomads as outsiders to SAMCRO

[The Nomads] came into the situation where these guys are brothers, not just in a club, but they are literally brothers for all intent and purposes. Not blood brothers, but even ... they've gone through blood together. As a character, it's not that you're not trusted it's just you haven't gained history yet. So you kind of have to do things together. Work towards those goals. There's a little conflict. We'll see how that turns out.

Why are the Nomads working with Clay?

We're being promised a certain deal. We think we're doing the right thing. From our standpoint, we're being honorable. We have have worked with these people in the club before why wouldn't we be loyal to them again. The hierarchy of the club had changed. As you see in the episode, so it can [go] back. 

The same way that Galen is loyal to Clay. They have history, they have experience, they have done deals. They know he's going to deliver. Just like those two. He may seem nefarious but as long as it works in his favor, he's going to deliver.

How will the murder of Eli's wife change their plan?

It's just heightens the problem. With every kind of crime, if things don't go right it really makes the original problem worse. I think what it's doing is it's forcing an outing of what's going on. It's all going to come to light.

What do you like most about the role?

As an actor, I love the dynamic way to bring something to the character that's likable  My personal favorite part is the fact that I get to ride motorcycles. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 4 years old. The fact that I can ride my motorcycle to work and then go into wardrobe and put on my character's t-shirt and jeans and then ride the show's motorcycle, it's pretty hot. 

Yaeger is actively involved in charity work. He recently participated in the AIDS Walk Los Angeles and in 2013, he will be participating in the American 300 Warrior Tour again. 

To keep up with Yaeger, follow him on Twitter at @KurtYaeger. He mentioned that he enjoys interacting with fans and he tries to answer all questions send to him on Twitter. Have questions, tweet him!

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on FX.

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