'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'Hands'
'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'Hands'
Yet again this week, Sons of Anarchy has produced the kind of drama and conflict absent from nearly every other show on television. "Hands" could possibly stand as the defining moment for the show. It put all of the characters where they need to be. Clay is making enemies at every turn. Romeo doesn't trust him. Opie doesn't trust him. Gemma finally sees what Clay really is and Jax can't be far behind. Clay is digging his grave one careless choice at a time. The only question that remains is who will be the one to put him in it. Picking just 10 quotes from this episode was impossible but I narrowed it down to the best of the best. Enjoy!

Gemma: "Something's wrong, Wayne."
Unser: "Really? Can't imagine why you'd say that."

Clay (about the hit on Tara): "I want it clean. I want it painless. Don't mess up her face."

Opie: "I'm gonna head up to the cabin - check on my old man."

Roosevelt (to Potter): "You played me worse than outlaws."

Clay (to Gemma): "That's right. That's my money and as long as you got enough to take care of the house and amuse yourself, you don't need to worry about it."

Potter (to Juice): "I'll give you until after The Jetsons to decide."

Jax (to Leroy): "Do we look like the goddamn cartel?"

Leroy: "The cartel took out three of my men this morning. We're all a little skittish."

Margaret (to Gemma): "You're an awful woman and all this suffering landing on Tara? It's because of you."

Romeo (to Clay): "Your VP happened."

Clay (to Romeo): "We need to give Jax a few Lobos. Satisfy his need for revenge."

Gemma (to Clay): "You didn't know Jax was gonna be with her, or the boys. Jesus Christ, those babies coulda been hurt!"

Clay: "You gonna kill me, Gemma? Like you did the first husband?"

Clay (to Gemma about JT): "Baby, you killed him. You played me for a chump and I was. I was no match for that tight pussy and that broken, angry heart. Yeah. Maybe Jax needs to read some of that truth."

Tara (to Jax): "It's okay because now we can be together. You, me, Gemma... here in beautiful charming. A happy family."

Unser (to Gemma): "Sit hell!"

Gemma: "It's done, Wayne. Clay can't be saved."

Gemma (to Unser about Clay): "He's not goin' down by law. He's gonna die by the hand of a son."

Wanda Fraser
Fan Columnist

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