'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'Family Recipe'
'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'Family Recipe'
Spoilers ahead, folks. If you haven't seen "Family Recipe" yet, either stop reading now and prepare to be spoilered. Okay, on with it. Wow. That's about all I could say for about ten minutes after last evening's Sons of Anarchy. I think everyone knew Piney was on his way out the moment he went toe to toe with Clay but it was still shocking and it was still incredibly sad. Before Piney took his last breath on SOA though, he had one of his finest episodes to date.

From his touching final interaction with Opie to his confrontation with Jax in his cabin, William Lucking turned in an Emmy worthy performance last night. I'm heartbroken it will be his last on the show. "Family Recipe" was about far more than Piney though. Juice is alive but only he and Chibs known what really happened with that chain. Tara's had enough and is leaving... or is she? There's a rat in the Mayans and thanks to him, the body count is rising quickly. Heads were rolling - literally. The chili. That is all. There were so many excellent quotes in this episode but I've narrowed it down to the best of the best. Enjoy!

'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Tastes Like Death

Juice: "Oswald man - he's got those stupid security chains all over these back roads."
Tig: "You clothes-lined one? Jackass."
Juice: "...yeah."
Chibs: "We gotta go."
Juice: "What's up?"
Chibs: "Vote."
Juice: "Drugs?"
Tig: "Change of leadership."

Sheriff Roosevelt: "Then why did the MC post someone here to watch you. There's a bike outside. I'm assuming he's in somewhere in back... armed."
Tara: "The answer to that question will require a warrant."

Sheriff Roosevelt: "It's more than just your safety at stake, but I'm sure you know that. Sorry to disturb you."

Jax: "Piney wasn't gonna proxy this vote."
Opie: "He wanted a front row seat."

Piney: "I'm sorry, son."
Opie: "I love you, pop. I'm with you on this."

Clay: "There's a challenge on the table - new president. I don't we think we need the formalities of a nomination. You want the chair."
Bobby: "I don't have a choice."

Chucky: "Oh man, Clay! This is bad. Like, bad bad."

Piney: "That bag of heads is your get outta drugs free card."
Clay: "What the hell are you talkin' about?"
Piney: "You tell the cartel we didn't sign up for this blood feud and you want out."
Clay: "You think I can just bail in the middle of this sh*t?"
Piney: "That's exactly what you're gonna do and you're gonna do it today. If we're still in the drug business tomorrow, I'm delivering those letters to the club."

Clay: "Great... chocolate rain."

Chucky (notices head under his truck): "Oh come on."

Gemma: "Handled? They dumped a bag of heads. I'm livin' in Goddamned Juarez."

Gemma: "If we hide, it looks like we got somethin' to hide from.

Gemma: "Have Phil shadow me. It'd take a grenade to get past him."
Clay: "No. Tig. He's the only one I trust to keep you safe."

Jax: "Let me guess. You smell smoke."

Sheriff Roosevelt: "Disgruntled mechanics."
Gemma: "Armenians - very unstable people."

Sheriff Roosevelt: "You got a beautiful family, Jax. Be a shame to see their daddy catch a bullet."
Jax: "Yeah, it would be. You have kids?"
Sheriff Roosevelt: "No."
Jax: "You really should. It's good to have a reason not to die."

Chucky: "I'm making' chili for the fundraiser."

Happy: "He hasn't said a word."
Jax: "You sure you didn't cut out his tongue?"
Happy: "Yeah, but I'm runnin' outta ideas."

Jax: "It doesn't matter Mayan or Son - that bitch is dead."

Jax: "We're not exactly an infantry unit, bro."
Galindo: "Well you will be because make no mistake, gentleman - we're at war."

Clay (to Bobby): "I know every thought that's goin' through your head right now but we gotta roll as one into this otherwise we're all dead."
Bobby: "Yeah, I know."
Clay: "You'll get your leadership vote."
Bobby: "Let's hope there's someone left standin' to lead."

Gemma: "Did you follow the recipe?"
Chucky: "I had to add a few things of my own."
Gemma: "I can see that."
Tara: "Is it spicy?"
Gemma: "Very - actually made my eyes burn."
Chucky: "I may have gotten in over my head."

Gemma (to Chucky about the chili): "Why don't you take it up to the reservation? I think Happy likes it that hot."

Clay: "I ain't goin' anywhere. That's the point. I know who I am - what I do. Keeping Charming the way it is; that's what I get outta this. I just want my town back."

Piney: "Well, well, well - you on task or this a social call."
Jax: "I'm just checkin' in."
Piney: "I'm fine."
Jax: "Yeah?"
Piney: "Yeah."
Jax: "I know you and Clay have been goin' at it over this whole cartel thing."
Piney: "You don't know anything."

Jax: "Look, I get it. You're pissed. I'm just tryin' to tell you my side of it."
Piney: "Do you have a side anymore?"

Jax: "Well I'm not my old man."
Piney: "Oh I'm very clear on that now."

Jax: "My old man was right about one thing - this club has lost its way and I thought I was the guy that was gonna change that. And then I realized that arrogance, that belief that one man can change it is what drove my old man into the ground."
Piney: "Defeat is not what killed your father!"
Jax: "I don't wanna hear about history. I'm taking care of what's in front of me."
Piney: "You and Clay both, huh?"
Jax: "This isn't about Clay. It's about me. It's about me figuring out what I need to do today to keep me alive tomorrow. This isn't about the club, Piney. It's about my family."
Piney: "I won't tell you how much you just sounded like your father. Your father was the best man I ever knew and before you let him die you should find him and know that for yourself."

Clay: "I know some of you have an opinion about my club - you think maybe we overstayed out welcome but let me ask you this. What's worse? A few broken windows? A little fightin' every now and again or bulldozers gutting the heart of your town. Sons of Anarchy have always stood up for Charming."

Chibs: "It's gotta be rigged. This thing'll blow us all to hell."

Opie: "How the hell did they know we were waitin' for 'em?"
Alvarez: "Pedro never left our side."
Jax: "Yeah? Looks like the competition's one step a head."

Tara: "It's just a matter of time before it hurts our kids."
Jax: "I'd never let that happen."
Tara: "Sorry. I have to go. I have to get them outta here."
Jax: "I know. I thought I knew what we were gettin' into. We're in over our head."

Clay: "I'm gonna stay at the clubhouse - try to figure some of this sh*t out."

Clay (to Piney): "You either pull the trigger or you let me in."

Clay: "I'm tryin' to do the right thing here."
Piney: "The right thing for you. That's all you ever done at the head of that table - lead by greed."
Clay: "Well if you hated me so much, why'd you sponsor me? Patch me in."
Piney: "Because back then, you could be trusted."

Clay: "Okay, I'll call Romeo. If there's retaliation, that blood's on your hands."

Piney: "Why would Tara know?"
Clay: "She's the one that gave 'em to ya. You don't think I knew that, old man?"
Piney: "Just leave her outta it."
Clay: "Too late."

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