'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'With an X'
'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'With an X'
Tonight's episode of FX's Sons of Anarchy (season 4, episode 6) was intense with a capital tense. Over the last few episodes, Clay has been revealing more and more about who he is. He is a man without loyalty. He is a man without morals and, if I may make a bold prediction, he is a man who will soon be paying for his past with his life. There was a lot going on in this episode! OK, enough of my blabbing, let's get to the best quotes from "With an X."

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Tara: "Who's that?"
Gemma: "Half of Satan's spawn."

Happy (menacingly holding his hammer): "I'm waiting."

Clay (to Tig):
"Which one?"
Tig: "The crazy one."
Jax (to Tig): "Which one."

Lyla: "What're ya doin' here?"
Ima: "No one says good morning anymore."

Miles: "It'd be like murder."
Jax: "What's your point?"

"It's Margo... with an X."

Bobby: "I can teach her to stop binging for free."
Chucky (to Bobby): "You can?"

Piney (to Opie):
"Your dick almost got people killed. I don't even know who you are anymore."

Jax (to Tara):
"You okay?"
Tara: "What do you think?"

Jax (to Opie):
"Gettin' knocked up and kidnapped kinda wipes the slate clean. I wouldn't recommend it as a fix."

Gemma (to Jax about Tara): "The sting of that betrayal ain't gonna fade."
Jax: "I know."
Gemma: "I'd make sure it doesn't happen again."

Lyla: "I had an abortion."
Opie: "What?"
Lyla: "Last year before the guys went inside."
Opie: "Mine?"
Lyla: "Yeah."

Clay: "Hey man, sometimes the herd needs tendin'."

Happy (after shooting Miles repeatedly): "Lyin' bitch."

Romeo: "You white boys are pretty smart."
Clay: "We get by."

Clay: "I need somebody on the outside. Hope you could help out with that."

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