Creator Kurt Sutter Sheds Light on 'Sons of Anarchy'
Creator Kurt Sutter Sheds Light on 'Sons of Anarchy'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Sons of Anarchy isn't the type of show that captures a wide range of viewers.  However, it has found a solid following among a certain demographic, including female viewers, despite its intense brutality and strong sexuality that ranges from brawls to rape and castration.  It has also been among the most promising freshmen dramas for FX, ultimately leading the 14-year-old network to pick up the motorcycle-themed show for a second season following just four episodes.

Though often billed as “The Sopranos on bikes,” Sons of Anarchy is still considered an unusual offering in today's TV line up.  So what drove executive producer Kurt Sutter to create a drama about a gun-running motorcycle club handing out an eye-for-an-eye justice in a small town?

According to Sutter, who was also an executive producer of the FX hit police corruption drama The Shield, it's the unexploited and darker elements of the renegade subculture that inspired him to create Sons of Anarchy.

"The stereotype most people have of the subculture is usually one of two things: these furry, fuzzy teddy bears like 'Wild Hogs,' or the scumbag white trash living in trailers, smoking meth, which is as inaccurate as the other one," said Sutter, who developed the show's characters and storylines by hanging out with some of the clubs in Northern California.

"What was eye opening to me was the way these guys lived.  These sort of normal, middle-class lives.  They all have day jobs," he added.  "These guys all have family lives, and they have the same conflicts and problems that all married couples have.  They face the same conflicts that all people who work together in proximity for long periods of time face. "

To find out more about Sons of Anarchy, catch the remaining episodes of the first season every Wednesday at 10pm on FX.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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