So You Think You Can Dance: Tour Review
On September 21, the top ten finalists from So You Think You Can Dance headed out on a whirlwhind nationwide tour that will take them into late November.  They will stop in over 40 cities, dancing their hearts out, and meeting fans along the way.  They brought four alternate dancers with them, favorites from the season: Hok Konishi, Shauna Noland, Jesus Solorio, and Anya Garris

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the American Idol tour, which is run by the same company as So You Think You Can Dance.  The tickets are expensive, a percentage of the singers aren't that great, and the night goes on longer than it needs to.  Do you really need to hear Sanjaya sing three solos for $85?  Fortunately, the same cannot be said for this tour which is a home run from start to finish and well worth the money you shell out.

The So You Think You Can Dance tour is a well oiled machine and doesn't feel like two and a half hours, even with an intermission.  Footage from the season is mixed in with the show to make every transition seamless.  In the beginning, a video of host Cat Deeley comes on introducing your top ten dancers.  Just like on the show, they came out one at a time, showing off their best moves, while the crowd went crazy. 

Each top ten dancer performed a solo that they worked on themselves.  They all performed in group numbers as well as duets, mostly comprised of season highlights.  Hok and Jaimie performed the hummingbird piece, Danny and Neil performed their dueling princes piece, and Lauren and Pasha did their Transformers inspired routine.  One of the best of the night was Lacey and Neil's flower piece, which kicked off with a video of Mia Michaels talking about her dad.  The entire cast came out in white to spread the flowers around the stage and the piece ended with a picture of a very young Mia and her father.  There really was nothing like seeing it live and I'll admit to breaking out the tissues.

Standout performances came from Danny Tidwell and Lauren Gottlieb, though everyone was at their best.   Each dancer introduced different segments of the show and the night was full of laughter and stellar performances.  When you see them live, you truly appreciate just how talented the dancers are.  With the tour just getting underway and good tickets available, you're missing out if you pass up your chance to see them live.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer