So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10, Live Results
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's time for two more So You Think You Can Dance contestants to get the boot, whittling us down to the elite eight. Last night's solo performances all featured the exact same choreography by newly Emmy-nominated Wade Robson accompanied by the exact same John Mayer song. That didn't allow for a lot of individuality, so ones assumes the results will be largely based on the pair routines.

Based on the comments of judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels, Kameron and Dominic should both be quivering in their shoes (or whatever dancers wear on their feet), though I'll start off by predicting Kameron and his silly faux-hawk are out of here. The ladies all received varying amounts of praise. If I were a betting man, I'd say Jaimie is going home based solely on the fact that her routine was the most criticized, even though the judges loved her. Let's all get some dance fever!

Tonight will be a bit different, since usual So You Think You Can Dance recapper extraordinaire Oscar Dahl is busy getting the scoop on Lost at Comicon, leaving me as a pale substitute. Last night was the first episode of this show I'd ever seen, so forgive me if I don't bring the normal knowledge and experience you're used to reading at BuddyTV. I'll try to make up for it by being funny.

I switched over a little early from Big Brother and catch the end of Don't Forget the Lyrics.  Suddenly, So You Think You Can Dance doesn't look so bad.

Cat tells us more than 6.5 million votes were cast.  Is that good?  Compared to American Idol, that doesn't sound so good, but maybe it's a record for this show.  I have no idea.,

Starting off is some creepy interpretive dance with everyone half-naked, to an Imogen Heap song.  Her awesomeness kind of helps.

My TV cuts out for a minute, and I come back to Mia apologizing to America for wearing an upside-down flag.  Nigel goes on about how Wade Robson's routine wasn't unpatriotic just because it was anti-war.

Forgive me for stepping on a soap box, but shut up, judges.  This is dancing, and it has nothing to do with peace or solving the world's problems.  Wade Robson isn't going to stop war.  Get back to showing young, sexy people dancing and leave the politics to Fox News.  This is about a million times more awkward than when Simon Cowell rolled his eyes during Chris Richardson's Virginia Tech speech.

Oh wow, a special performance by Mika!  Who?  Am I that old or out of touch with pop culture, because I have no idea who this dude is or why he's on a hit TV show performing some crappy song.  He tries really hard to be this generation's Mick Jagger.  He fails, miserably.

The bottom four are two guys and two girls.  Not that it matters, since one guy and one girl are going home.  The bottom five vote-getters could all be guys, a girl is still going.

First up, the ladies:
Sabra: The judges love her (she's Mia's favorite) - SAFE
Jaimie: They're lukewarm (Mia says she has a big mouth) - BOTTOM FOUR
Lacey: They like her (Mary says something about weathermen and wind) - SAFE

Cut to break, but first, a newcomer's sidebar - the elimination area is called the "Danger Zone"?  Really?  And the judges had the gall to say the Viennese Waltz last night was cheesey?

 Back to the ladies:
Lauren: Judges like it (and that hip hop song during her routine ruled) - BOTTOM FOUR
Sarah: Again, she tries to ruin the Cowbell sketch from SNL with her bad jokes, so I think I hate her - SAFE

So it's down to Lauren and Jaimie.  Prediction: bye, Jaimie!

The men:
Neil: The judges caught disco fever, so does America - SAFE
Danny: Mia thought his dancing was the sexiest yet - SAFE
Dominic: Too hammy - BOTTOM FOUR

Time for the break, but is there really any tension?  Kameron and Pasha?  Please, I'm new to this show and even I know where this one's going.

Back to the men:
Kameron: I can only see his stupid faux hawk - BOTTOM FOUR
Pasha: They love him, a lot - SAFE

Well, I called these two, maybe I'm a better judge of dancing than I thought.  I'll stick with my original thought: America hates faux hawks.  It's a motto that's gotten me through some tough times.  The judges love everyone.  They don't want any of them to leave.  Suck it up, judges.

The bottom four get to do some solo dances, for no real reason since they have no impact on the results.  Jaimie does some stuff, and the audience applauds when she jumps.  Dominic gets funky and spins on his head for about an hour.  It's actually the only impressive thing I've seen on this show all week.

Lauren is wearing some sort of loin cloth bikini.  She may or may not have danced, it's hard to focus.  Kameron is not impressive.  The fact that his faux hawk is still standing is.  Also, he's wearing the five o'clock shadow of a man who knows he's going home.

Finally, results!  The female dancer going home is...Jaimie.  Score one for me!  Oh, and sorry girl.  You got a raw deal because your partner was awful.  On the men's side, going home is...Kameron.  Two for two!  America hates faux hawks as much as I do.

The biggest irony is that Jaimie is primarily gone because her partner was so bad, and yet her partner, Dominic, is still around.  Well, at least for one more week.  Enjoy it while you can, kid.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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