So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 Results Show Recap
This year's crop of So You Think You Can Dance contestants are the best the show has ever had and, frankly, it's not all that close.  From here on out, there will not be an easy elimination.  For the girls, the last two weeks have been preposterously close, and not once has one girl or another performed in a way that made you think they'd be eliminated.  The means that there are eight girls who are all so good that they border on inseparable from each other.   The guy's side might be more hierarchical, but not much so.  Hok could be next in line for ejection from the show, but he's capable of wowing us at any moment. 

Last night's So You Think You Can Dance results show began with an energetic group routine to a song from the upcoming film Hairspray.  The routine was choreographed by guest judge and director of Hairspray, Adam Shankman.  In an incredibly blatant night of cross-promoting, Hairspray received a lot of love.  The dancers and judges got to attend the Hairspray red carpet premiere and meet the cast.  We saw about ten minutes worth of footage about that.  Cast members were in the crowd.  Nigel hyperbolically called Hairspray something like an “instant classic”. 

Anyway, the opening routine was cool, and the ladies looked good in their little doo-wop outfits.  Next, we segued almost immediately into some results.  This took up a large portion of the hour.  You know the formula: bring a group of partners on stage, recap their previous night's performance in excruciating detail and then Cat opening up an envelope and telling them whether they are safe or not.  Since I am not FOX, this sort of preamble is not necessary.  The bottom three couples were:

Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi

Shauna Noland and Cedric Gardner

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell 

It's hard to argue with America's choices here.  The two clearly weakest routines from Wednesday were by Cedric/Shauna and Hok/Jaimie.  Next, the dancers performed their solo routines.  The results were, as usually is the case, underwhelming.

Anya: She shakes around the stage wearing a skin tight leopard print outfit.  The outfit gets an A+, but the dancing gets a C.  Anya needs to work on her solo routines.

Danny: The skinny man comes out shirtless and spins and leaps and shows off his athletic prowess.  Danny is a very good dancer, but as the judges discussed on Wednesday, his dancing does give off a distinct air of pomposity, whether it's intentional or not.

Shauna: The girl absolutely throws herself into these solo routines.  She is great, and based on the solo, deserves to stay. 

Cedric: The solo is what this man does best, and last night was no different.  His plastic man/freestyle/hip/hop/contemporary hybrid style is something to behold.

Jaimie: Good, not great.  I'm not as big a fan of Jaimie as others seem to be.

Hok: I keep expecting more from Hok.  His solos are cool, undoubtedly, but he hasn't excited me in the ways I anticipated.  I thought the stuff he did in auditions was better.

Before the judges announce their decisions, Hillary Duff comes on stage to perform her new single.  She lip-syncs the whole song.  I wrote about this phenomenon last week.  I can't believe they let these pop stars get away with that crap. 

The judges come back on stage to dole out their final verdicts.  Nigel says that the judges were unanimous on both decisions, although they weren't happy about them.

Shauna is eliminated first.  This is frustrating, because she's had to dance with Cedric and would've been dominating with another male partner.  She's been great lately.  But, someone had to go.

Cedric, finally, is sent home.  The judges all have very kind words for the unique dancer.  Stay tuned: later today we'll have interviews up with both Cedric and Shauna.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)