So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16, Live Results
So You Think You Can Dance hits us up tonight with an episode that will either give us a completely unsurprising result (Jessi can't dance and is eliminated, Cedric is finally sent packing) or, if neither of those results come, all bets are off.  The only way Cedric doesn't get eliminated is if him and Shauna aren't relegated to the bottom three.  If that's the case, the guys' side of the table is wide open.  For the girls, if Jessi is alright, and she performs well in her solo routine, then the girls' side is also wide open.  At that point, it's a crapshoot.

What follows are my live thoughts and up-to-the-minute results for the episode:

The big question tonight is this: Will Jessi Peralta be available to “dance for her life”?

The opening group dancer is a tribal affair, with everyone dancing to what sounds like a song that sounds like an outtake from the Lion King soundtrack.  The dance is what you would expect from the genre.  Pretty cool routine.

Time for the results. 

Lauren and Neil: in the bottom three.

Lacey and Kameron: safe.

This is surprising.  There's no way that Lauren is going home.  Neil might, though.

Jaimie and Hok: safe.  Not a shock.

Sabra and Dominic: safe.

Sarah and Jesus: bottom three.

America doesn't seem to like these two all that much, which is a shame. 

We get an update on Jessi.  She's been cleared to dance!!!  And, nice, Jessi dances the tango wish Pasha that she was supposed to dance last night.  Jessi is scantily clad and looks incredible.  The routine was awesome, as well.  She still has to dance later, by default.

Pasha is safe. 

Anya and Danny: in the bottom three.

Shauna and Cedric: safe. 

This is completely ridiculous.  Cedric gets to dance another week, and it's a shame that some other guy will have to be eliminated.  At this point, my guesses for elimination are Neil and Anya.

Time for the solo routines.

Lauren: She's dancing to a Kevin Federline song.  Weak.  The routine was underwhelming, as well.

Neil: He spins around a lot, does some flips, and generally impresses with his athleticism.

Sarah: She does her B-Girl thing, which is always really cool.

Jesus: He spins around a lot, plays a little air guitar, and wears high socks.  Not too impressive.  He may be in trouble.

Jessi: She does a bunch of popping, and it was pretty cool, but not too impressive.

Danny: Impressive.  He does a bunch of writhing.  He won't be eliminated.

Anya: Based on the mediocre solo she just performed, I say Anya goes home tonight.

Time for the final results.  They were not unanimous in their decision.  Nigel didn't like any of the girls' performances. 

Jessi has been eliminated.  That sucks.  She dominated that tango tonight.  She was maybe my favorite dancer on the show.  Poor decision by the judges.

For the guys, the judges choice was unanimous. 

Jesus has been eliminated.

And, that is all.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of FOX)