So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Performance Show, Recap
The decisions for our esteemed So You Think You Can Dance judges are getting easier.  Or, to rephrase, the decisions should be easier tonight than they've been the previous two weeks.  Here's the reason: first, if Cedric and Shauna are relegated to the bottom three, Cedric absolutely has to go, especially after the judges' comments last night, where they essentially laid the groundwork for his dismissal.  Second, Jessi Peralta had a medical emergency and, if unable to dance tonight, will be eliminated.  If she is able to dance, she will have to perform a solo routine, which isn't her strong suit.  So, in all likelihood, those will be the two eliminated contestants tonight.  Then again, things change, especially on live television, and if Jessi can return and knock her solo out of the park and/or Cedric and Shauna are not voted into the bottom three, things will be interesting.

Let's take a prolonged gander at all eight couples' performances from last night.

Sara Von Gillern
and Jesus Solario – Krumping

I've really become impressed with what Sarah brings to the table.  She was able to conquer ballroom last week and now with Krumping, a style that was right in her wheelhouse, she showed how dynamic she can be out there on the dance floor.  Outstanding performance.  Jesus, despite total ignorance of the genre, acquitted himself as well as one could hope. 

Shauna Noland and Cedric Gardner – Contemporary

This routine is bound to be the most controversial of the night.  Weird, how Mia Michaels (Cedric's biggest supporter) was allowed to craft a routine specifically for Cedric.  That wasn't shameless at all, FOX.  Thankfully, Mary Murphy called out Mia.  Sure, Cedric did well with what he was given, but as the judges said, there was no growth shown from Cedric, and that's why he'll most likely be eliminated tonight.  Shauna, on the other hand, was all-around spectacular.

Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bink – Quick Step

Not the most aesthetically pleasing dance, that ol' Quick Step, but the two performed it well.  This is a notoriously brutal dance for the contestants, and I don't ever remember a couple ever performing it this well.  The two have an easy chemistry, neither much better, skill-wise, than the other.  This couple should be around for a long while. 

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell – Hip/Hop

This was the only dance in which the judges and I had a major disagreement.  I thought the routine was completely sloppy and clearly performed by two people who had no idea how to dance hip/hop.  Anya and Danny will never be great hip/hop dancers, but at least they could've worked on dancing together.  The whole thing was sloppy.  I don't see how the judges could've praised it as much as they did.  If it's not Jessi or Cedric who get the boot tonight, it could be one of these two.

Sabra Johnson
and Dominic Sandoval – Rumba

The first ever rendition of a rumba on So You Think You Can Dance was met with much adulation.  Sabra and Dom are the golden couple of the season thus far, and they continued their hot streak, ripping it up to, unfortunately, a Pussycat Dolls song.  Dominic is a talented dude, considering they've never had a B-Boy able to adapt to the ballroom routines (or partnering in general) as quickly and seamlessly as Dominic has.  It doesn't hurt that the judges are in love with him, either.

Lauren Gottleib and Neil Haskell – Tango

Lauren is a flat-out great dancer, and she should be in the final five or six, at least, before it's all said and done.  Saying that, I wasn't a huge fan of the routine from last night.  Neil has to work on the chemistry with Lauren.  As Dan Karaty said in the first performance episode, Lauren is hot, so it should be easy.  Both should be safe tonight. 

Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi – Jazz (but not really)

Although it's called jazz, Wade Robson pretty much created a contemporary routine, in which the dancers pretend to be a hummingbird and a flower.  Deep stuff.  The routine starts off very interpretive-y and kind of annoying, but when the dancing gets going it's a great, emotional dance that will surely keep these two around for another week.  I worried about Hok's partnering ability, but he seems to be improving rapidly.

Pasha Pkovalev and the choreographer's assistant – Cha Cha  

Jessi Peralta had a medical emergency the morning they taped the performance episode and wasn't able to take the stage.  Hopefully, she'll be okay by tonight.  The show must go on, and Pasha danced with a plump choreographer's assistant, who was a former national champion dancer and showed it.  Although it was a bit disconcerting, the routine was great, and Pasha dominated.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of FOX)