So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Results Show, Live Thoughts
So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Results Show, Live Thoughts
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Man, does anyone else have a major case of 'the Thursdays?' They are much like 'the Mondays,' filled with a growing sense of dread, nerves, and wishing it was any day but today. Unlike 'the Mondays' which is about ruing the end of the weekend, "the Thursdays" are inspired by the imminent eliminations of two talented dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, with a side of oh my goodness, what the heck is Cat Deeley going to be wearing tonight?

This bout of The Thursdays is especially rough considering tonight is the last elimination before the all important Top 10. Not only are there nerves about who will be eliminated, but also about the future partnerings of the remaining dancers. Do you have any possible dream pairings for the Top 10? I'd love to see Brandon and Randi dance together, Janette and Ade, and maybe even Jeanine and Evan.

But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, we have to wait and see who'll be making it to the Top 10 after all. Watch along with me as we learn tonight who'll be joining the So You Think You Can Dance tour (for sure) and who'll have been heart-achingly close. As always, I'll be interviewing the eliminated dancers tomorrow morning, so please submit your questions for them here in the comments or over on our awesome BuddyTV_SYTYCD Twitter.

First and most importantly -- Cat did not cut her gorgeous locks. But I do need the number of her hair stylist. She looked so gorgeous with the tucked under, soft retro curls last night, but tonight she's back to pin thin straight. This may also be the first Thursday all season, where Cat's outfit isn't awful. Tonight she's in a bejeweled turquoise tunic.

For the group routine, it seems to be a hip hop routine done to a White Stripes song. Yes, that is as strange as it sounds. I bet Jack White never thought, some reality tv dance show is going to do an intricate group hip hop dance to this. But it kind of works, strange as it is. Plus it allows Janette to re-use her rock face, which we've so missed. For those of you keeping track, the routine was choreographed by  Nappy Tabs, and danced to Seven Nation Army. Again by The White Stripes.

Also, happy birthday to head judge Nigel Lythgoe, who is celebrating his 60th birthday and takes the chance to make fun of being Botox free. Unlike, ahem, Mary Murphy.

Then Cat gets to the bottom of the Michael Jackson tribute rumors, and Nigel says they got some bad news yesterday. Unfortunately, Sony refuses to clears MJ's music for the show -- so no Michael Jackson tribute for So You Think You Can Dance. Bummer. I know a few of you are really going to be upset about that. Heck, I'm upset about it.

Cat's being kind and we'll learn the fate of the first two couples right away:

Caitlin and Jason, Brandon and Janette

If only one of these pairs are safe, all I'm saying is it better be Brandon and Janette...they did have two of our top three favorite dances. Of course, both couples could be safe, which based on your choices of who'll be sent home tonight would be a big shocker.

Alright, so it's time to learn the fate of these dynamic duos.

Caitlin and Jason - Dancing for their lives
Brandon and Janette - SAFE

Well, that's not a huge shock I must say. This is Caitlin and Jason's third time in the bottom three, and I'm with Mary -- I haven't seen magic from these two since week one. But if they're going to bring it -- tonight's the night. If they don't, there's trouble for you Caitlin and Jason fans.

And we're back time to learn who will be joining Caitlin and Jason in the bottom three. Will it be Randi and Evan or Phillip and Jeanine? A pair of fan favorites, so it could be completely up in the air.

Randi and Evan - SAFE
Phillip and Jeanine - Dancing for their lives

Also, not really a shock. Not that Randi and Evan weren't necessarily deserving of a spot in the Bottom Three. Nigel's little lecture here about how the judges already have an idea of who'll be going home is making me think that Phillip should be worried. Unless he kills a solo, which as we all know, he's completely capable of. Also, as Nigel notes, even if he gets kicked off, there's basically no way in hell that Phillip won't be part of the tour. He's a fan favorite, the ladies love him, and those ladies and fans are the people who buy the tickets.

And the last couple in the bottom three?  Will it be Melissa and Ade's first trip to the bottom three? Will Kayla and Kupono make it based on the strength of that gorgeous Mia Michaels piece?

Melissa and Ade -  Dancing for their lives
Kayla and Kupono -

Well, there's the shocker of the night. At least for me. On the other hand, I am excited to see both Ade and Melissa's solos and I would be gobsmacked if they were sent home over Phillip & Jeanine and Caitlin & Jason. They've never been in the bottom three, unlike the the other pairs in the bottom two.


--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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